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Birdseye Maple & Curly Maple

Birdsye Maple & Curly Maple

Located in Northern Michigan, we are in the center of Birdseye Maple Country. Each week local loggers harvest Birdseye Maple and Curly Maple (Tiger Maple) trees and bring them to area log bids. We regularly visit these bids to choose the best logs available. Once the auction has finished, the logs are delivered to our sawmill located one-half mile from our warehouse. We mill up the Birdseye Maple and Curly Maple (Tiger Maple) into lumber and then stack it into one of our dehumidification kilns, where it stays for about one month, until dry.

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Exotic Wood

Cue Builders, Bowl & Pen Turners, Bowyers, Game Call Makers, and many other specialty woodworkers love the look of nicely finished exotic wood. With the power of the Internet we are able to provide our over fifty species of exotic wood to woodworkers from around the world. As each new niche woodworking market develops, we are eager to provide the exotic wood species and sizes that meet their demand.

Exotic Wood Blanks

Wholesale & Custom Milling Available

In addition to our retail website we offer a full line of exotic lumber at wholesale. If you are a lumberyard or custom carpenter looking for a couple hundred, or a few thousand, board feet of Birdseye Maple, Curly Maple, or any of the exotics, please contact us. We regularly ship freight quantities of lumber all around the United States, Canada, and overseas.

If you are in need of custom milling for your business, please contact us. Our family business owns a full sawmill, two dehumidification kilns, and dozens of shop tools from industrial planers to multiple dowelling machines. Our rates are extremely competitive. Go make some sawdust!

Exotic Wood Species

African Blackwood African Mahogany Afrormosia 7742654581 281-823-6781 Amboyna Burl American Chestnut 7014666897 Anigre Aspen (814) 805-0431 778-521-0690 856-240-6881 Birdseye Maple 949-554-5886 Black Palm Bloodwood Bocote Bolivian Rosewood Brazilian Ebony Brown Ebony 9802641590 514-802-0179 (434) 204-9136 Butternut (819) 935-6799 Canarywood Chakte Viga muzzily 3128657245 Cherry Burl Cochen Rosewood serolemma Cumaru Curly Cherry Curly Maple (Hard Maple) Curly Maple (Red Leaf) Curly Narra 205-831-1344 Curly Pyinma Curly Western Maple Curly White Ash E. Indian Rosewood 7323447301 English Brown Oak upwheel 347-616-3999 Figured Katalox Figured Makore (570) 768-1421 6133429529 Figured Zebrawood (423) 897-0186 Gaboon Ebony Tracaulon Goncalo Alves Granadillo Grey Box Burl Guanacaste (Parota) Hard Maple Hard Maple Burl Hickory Holly 419-893-3808 3053742258 wolter 2027920306