Ronin Asylum and Kyllbreth discuss readers questions and covers the new album, art direction and creative control.


Amaran's Plight Joins Ronin Asylum

Check out Amaran’s Plight here before they hit the road in Belgium.




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New Iron Maiden is Here!

New Maiden rocks with the same power that launched the band.

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Reaper began as a free program for beginning customers to get inclusion with a propelled sound workstation. Since the sound creation programming has gotten notoriety, it now ought to be acquired however is shoddy and lightweight (just obliges a few megabytes to download), so it won’t eat up…

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Reason’s maker, Propellerhead, has been making enhancements to its sound generation programming a seemingly endless amount of time. Reason has dependably been known as generation programming to make beats utilizing MIDI controllers and the product’s belongings and circles. Reason 6 at last…