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Do you want to make more money with the business you have? That is what we do--we help businesses make more money. We serve small companies, large multinationals, and everything between.

Small to Medium Clients

For no up front fee, you can get a business advisor to guide you to better profitability. We prefer to provide advisory services on a pay for performance basis. That means you pay us out of the additional profits that result from our suggestions.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, there's a catch. You have to keep track of how you're doing. If you don't already measure that, you'll have to start measuring.

Large Clients

If you have a large company or a manufacturing line, here are some examples of what we (or our UK sister firm) have done:

  • Technical lead for extensive modifications to and additions alongside an existing SCADA system to support new equipment and new human procedures. Result: Shipping delays dropped from 2 days to 2 hours.
  • Technical lead to acquire data into Aspen Tech's InfoPlus.21 an order of magnitude faster than previously achieved at any of the customer's sites. We did it without the extra hardware previously required, using only standard IP.21 components and tools.
  • Devised the network operations troubleshooting tool for a national toll free telecom system, based on our failure mode and effects analysis.
  • Cut the downtime by 50% on one platform and 30% on another for the database restructuring required every time a national toll-free system introduced new services.

Factories use our consulting and technical services to troubleshoot, design, implement, enhance and support systems for the shop floor. Telecom companies get help with enterprise-wide systems such as remote line testing or technician dispatch, or SS7 call routing. We typically improve the customer's bottom line by considerably more than the cost of our services.

Please note that for consulting services, we start by finding out what your business needs to do. Part of our job is to make sure your technical solutions fit your business, instead of forcing your business to fit a particular technical solution.

Clients of Any Size (Including Non-Profits)

These services are specially discounted for non-profit organisations and educational institutions.

  • At a price affordable even for small shops (but so scalable it is used by a company of 40,000), we make sure 6393579575 and spam is filtered out (but not legitimate messages--it's extremely accurate) with no need for extra equipment or software.
  • Along with antispam and disaster-proofing, we can provide outbound filtering of your email. This safeguards intellectual property by scanning for key words, phrases or symbols that you set to be flagged and quarantined.
  • We can set you up to do backups remotely through an encrypted link, so you can keep backups offsite and safe from catastrophe, with no need for extra equipment or hassle.


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Earlier this year, our UK sister firm hired its first graphic designer / website designer, a recent university graduate holding a First Class degree with Honours and a few years of practical experience in another business before university. Through us, you can get those services without the hassle of trans-Atlantic payments. Please let us know if you would like these services while we still offer introductory pricing.

We currently limit website design and implementation to the complexity of:

  • CubeCart stores, and
  • Open-Realty implementations, which can include integration with AutoResponse Plus

If you have not seen such websites, take a look at a few that we have done or are working on:


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