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Company ANNUAL DINNER is a reward and appreciation extended by company to all the employees or even extends to company business partners, customers and guests. A successful Company ANNUAL DINNER come with fun, theme, impressive, interactive and memorable for all the participants. Strategic planning and execution can make a successful and memorable ANNUAL DINNER within the budget.

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Thunderous applause greeted as President stepped onto the stage to make the official ANNIVERSARY toast. Raising the glass with entire workforce shows all the times and efforts over the past years had been worth it. In the corporate world, age symbolizes strength and security in an unpredictable marketplace. A successfull and well planned ANNIVERSARY celebration as much about heralding past accomplishments as looking forward!

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A successful and memorable LAUNCHING is a marketing strategy of a detailed planned and scheduled sequence of events with the objective to make a big happening out of the release and of course, make as much as sales as possible in a short time span. Strategic planning and execution can produce a successful LAUNCHING without blowing the budget.

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Congratulations! Now that you two are engaged, both of you are about to embark on a very happy time in your life. Your wedding is going to be the celebration of your lifetime, you will have a tremendous number of details to take care of, and your complete and right WEDDING PLANNER is important in making it a success. Your WEDDING PLANNER is your guide to get it all done.

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COMPANY OUTING can be just like normal trip, which just focus on visitthose famous attractions. However, nowadays most of the company have decided to involve some “Friendly Competition” elements, such as some activities which fun able to reach company objectives and encourage teamwork at the same time.

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CORPORATE TEAMBUILDING is a wide range of activities which design for improving teamwork and it can be outdoor or indoor. Outdoor activities
are fantastic way to unwind and refresh the mind. While indoor TEAMBUILDING activities retain an element of fun, but which also capable of effectively developing teamwork and leadership.TEAMBUILDING promote self-development, positive communication, leadership skills, and the ability to work as a team.

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CONFERENCE is an event that sometimes may last for a few days where there is a group of people to talk about or discuss on a particular topic or subject formally. It is a pre-arranged formal get-together or gathering which allow people to exchange substantive information and shared creative ideas with each other’s. A meaningful and well planned CONFERENCE should work as a platform which create an opportunity to the participants for networking and socializing.

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Corporate FAMILY DAY is a great way to get all your employees’
families together to understand each other better in a friendly and relax environment. Good family value will be created from the interaction among the employees and from here a harmony working environment will be generated. With well planned schedule from lodging, food and beverage, transportations and activities definately will make a remarkable FAMILY DAY!

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A good event must be creative and innovative to be memorable and unforgettable. Events hosted by Memoires Events is creatively executed to make each event one of a kind.


Memoires Events will make your event impressionable. Your guest will be wowed in their amazement and it will be an experience that they will never forget.

Built For The Future

Memoires Events realises your dream for a perfect event that will lead up to your future. Events like these is guaranteed to have a guests' and its customers' satisfaction.

Testimonial from my clients...
  • “The persistent and professionalism portrayed by Memoires Events has led to a successful event for our company. All guests are satisfied with the arrangement and have given much praised to the event. We are grateful to your Team for putting up such a good work and effort towards our function through planning and execution. We would be delighted to work with your Team again in our next coming events. We will confidently recommend Memoires Events to anyone which would like to engage with event planners as your Team has provided us the wonders of service.... Trans Elite Group Sdn Bhd”

    Evelyn Tan
  • “" Every detail was thought through and the entire event was executed perfectly. Most importantly, we trust you implicitly and your grace and kindness made us feel comfortable and able to enjoy the fruitful day...." Ingersoll Rand Malaysia Co. Sdn Bhd”

    Esther Chan
  • “The whole night arrangement are well organised and managed which are able to capture the audience attention. The atmosphere of the night was lively and enjoyable! Well done Memoires! Keep It Up! Stable Vision Corporation Sdn Bhd”

  • “"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you and your team did to make our event run so well. Everything turned out perfectly. The overall decoration, the backdrop, the colorful balloons , photography coverage, photobooth service and sound system was awesome. Our committee board are very happy with how it went and we’ve had feedback from staff that this is the best event for this year. It’s definitely raised the bar, so now the pressures on to plan next year. Looking forward to meet you again next year!" Equipment & Supply Chain Department. COSCO SHIPPING Lines (MALAYSIA) Sdn Bhd ”

    Nur Azam Abdullah
  • “Flint Group SEA engaged memoires event to manage our inaugural Annual Dinner and Teambuilding on 9 and 10 December 2016. It was held at Marriott Putrajaya. Memoires Event was not just an event manager, but handled the event as a business partner, regularly giving sound advise based on their vast experience managing such events. The event was a success, thanks to Memoires Event hands on handling from pre to post event. Special thanks to Pinky and Charlie who worked tirelessly and covered all bases - logistics, licensing, itinerary, F&B, lodging, public relations, the whole nine yards. They gave the event a touch of class. Thumbs up!”

    Zambri Regional HR Manager

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