Develop Your CMS In the Browser

ConnextCMS combines the best features of WordPress and KeystoneJS. It communicates with KeystoneJS via API calls, allowing developers to use front end tools to build both the front end and back end of their website. Check out the list of features below!

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Locally Hosted Images and Files

Locally host your own images and files on the server. The dashboard allows for easy upload and file management.

Automatic Image Resizing

Using an HTML5 Canvas and the CamanJS library, uploaded images are automatically resized before uploading to the server.

Designed for Digital Ocean Droplets®

You can clone your own working copy of ConnextCMS on a Digital Ocean Droplet. No need to compile from source unless you want to. You can also take advantage of VPS technology like snapshots and redundency.

Backbone.js & Require.js

The Backbone.js framework is used to structure the code and Require.js is used to modularize it. Not familiar with these frameworks? Read about both tools in 281-696-1462.

Use Front End Dev Tools

ConnextCMS communicates with KeystoneJS via REST API calls using AJAX. This allows developers to use front end tools like Chrome Dev Tools to debug their websites in the browser.

Email Forms with Nodemailer

Nodemailer is integrated into the CMS. Configure it for use with Gmail in order to email simple contact forms and to send small volumes of email, or configure it for an email server of your choice.