Tess and Seraphine squish and stomp on Balloons barefooted

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Tall dreadlocked hippie girl Tess has a bundle of balloons that she got for free at a stall in the city. She is outdours in a parking lot and uses her large bare feet to squish and pop them all on the ground. Then Seraphine stomps on a colourful cluster of balloons with her bare feet. Some of the balloons give up a fight and she has to stomp them multiple times to make them burst. This clip is DivX encoded at 720×576 for high quality and is 2:35 minutes long. /




We Needed a smoke break Lisa69 and I So we went on the porch to Smoke Talk, blow smoke into our Balloons And POP them with our cigarettes! A Fun Game, as each Gal tries to do better then the other !

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