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That's why corporate and government organisations seek out our high quality service. Call us today on Brunswick to find out how we can improve your current arrangement


Failing to manage risk can destroy value for stakeholders, squander resources and damage your image and reputation. Are you taking the right steps to ensure you are protected?

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Our clients want to receive the best value for money from the insurance industry. We help them review existing arrangements and identify ways to improve their policies and save money.


Workers Comp

Workplace safety improvements failing to deliver lower insurance costs? We understand your frustration, and specialise in helping clients get the best value from their Workers Comp insurance programs.

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Outsourced Management

Outsourcing allows company executives to focus on their core business while outside experts manage non-essential activities. We provide superior outsourced solutions that are streamlined and cost-effective.

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Innovative Insurance

Each client has a unique insurance risk profile, so they need a unique service to get the best result from the insurance industry. For every dollar we are paid in fees, we save our clients more than $15.

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Company directors in Australia are exposed to significant risk of litigation and regulatory scrutiny. Our bespoke reviews can help directors and officers assess their level of personal protection.


What Our Clients Say

We appointed Risk Advisory Services to implement a robust national workers compensation program. Due to their guidance, we significantly shifted how we present our risk to WorkCover and insurers. The structured transition was more professional than we could have imagined. And the outcome was exceptional, both in terms of much-improved pricing and an enhanced workers compensation management structure.
Avi Mudaliar Group Risk & Insurance Manager(713) 405-5573