It's a signal of danger.

It cost him ten dollars to get the ticket for the musical.

We need to help him.

I misplaced your blue pen.

I made this gratin using yesterday's leftovers. It tastes pretty good, doesn't it?

I think I left my keys in here somewhere.

I have known her since she was a baby.

Have you bought your Christmas gifts yet?

He looked me right in the eye.

Maybe I'll see you around.


The bill could be paid today.

I cannot force you to do what I say.

You always like to trip me up, don't you?


Christopher tried to attract Claudia's attention.

The methods of communication are determined by their cultures.

I wish you would stop that.


Everyone wants what they can't have.

Do you like the jacket?

It wasn't until yesterday that I heard the news.

I willingly eat sweets.

I need to find something to cut this with.


What's the minimum salary in Italy?

Heinz would've loved this movie.

I am looking at the map.

The movie made me cry.

Think before you act!

I saw her get in a car.

You do not wash.


They're in a long-distance relationship.

My dad is busy.

Do me a favor and shut up.

Liyuan doesn't need to be there.

What's your score?

He began his meal by drinking half a glass of ale.

The sky is covered with clouds.

Her illness kept her in hospital for six weeks.

Do you still want me to let Harvey borrow your bicycle?

Alberto is also studying French.

She looks blue for some reason.


I knew we were going to get married the moment I met you.


Heather is aware that he hasn't been a good father and is trying to make amends.


Let's not rush into it.

He is well able to pay the charge.

Such evidence is clearly inadmissible in court as it has been tempered with.


Do you like school?

How much for the night?

Our rival was an honest, competitive person as well.

I have an audition today.

Hey, I could do a lot worse.

I could run much faster when I was young.

Lions live on other animals.


Orion is safely back to Earth.


All my clothes have gotten dirty since I've been here.


Do you really think that was what Ramesh wanted?

You forgot to take the trash out this morning.

Steven is his own boss.

Blake's position on this matter is well known.

That's what I remember.

I have some free time in the afternoon.

This is an actual happening.


The sun disappeared behind a cloud.

You'll find a way.

Reading your letter made me happy.


Why don't you give it a try?


You can sleep in the spare bedroom.

He got accustomed to the new way of living.

Johnathan tried to get Brian to go to the park with him.


The cat is licking the candle stand out of love for the candle.

I just wish I could remember who I am.

Edison invented the light bulb.

I was extremely disappointed to see our national soccer team suffer a historic loss.

Root is a member of this organization.

Keep the estate, but revamp the house!

I want something to do.


The price tag is still on the shirt Sehyo is wearing.

Once a noob, always a noob.

Pierre and Nou wanted to fix their marriage.

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I make it a rule to read before going to bed.


Kemal plans to see Sanche on Monday.

I think we should go there.

It appears to be working.

Bridges are burning and chances are few.

Rolfe bores me.

Angela is anxious to go with you.

Don't let him answer the phone.

Dolphins aren't fish.

Some Middle-Easterners seek more religious solutions.

These are turbulent times.



The noise outside his window prevented him from sleeping.


I hate hospital food.


I thought I'd give it another try.

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Jim has three thousand books.


Think about the ones you love.

Panacea has a lovely daughter.

Panzer wants Scot to make sure John does his homework.


Dominic is afraid to go out at night.

Stephan is young and idealistic.

This time I'm paying.

They chartered a bus for the firm's outing.

He is honesty itself.

He only listens to rock bands from the fifties.

I'd like Jem to take me home.

Dion is good at math.

Birds are indicators of the environment. If they are in trouble, we know we'll soon be in trouble.

Please explain the delay.

Oh wow, you are fast.

Somebody's going to die.

I don't love her, not even if she loves me.


The birds flew to the south.

Donald Trump won the Republican nomination.

The best way to learn vocabulary is by using creative jingles.

Loukas appears to be happy.

He left me in the lurch.


Three quarters of the members of this club are girls.


"Did I really sigh?" "While giving out an aura of unhappiness."

The refugees were living in a narrow, squalid backstreet.

Lawrence, how could you?


Lucifer is mentally unbalanced.

Mr. Ikeda wants to buy a new car.

I'll come over after I finish the work.

Good things in life often come at a cost.

Darin has analyzed the results.


The head of the government must inspire the faith of the people.

Nobody could tell her anything.

Police searched the murky lake.

I should be with him.

This is a terrible plan.

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You didn't give us a chance.

I just wanted to stop by and wish you good luck.

I'm sort of tired.


She moved in to the new house.

I used to be young and ambitious, just like you.

Do you really think that could happen?


He may come tomorrow afternoon.

He went down the hill.

I'll have to warn him.

I'd do the same thing.

He counts fast.

She has grieved over his loss for nearly ten years.

Recruitment into the military became more and more difficult as the war grew increasingly unpopular.

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Where else would you like to go?

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Duke is better at French than I am.

They are both well-known columnists, but they work at rival newspapers.

I just met him.


He had difficulty in hearing and could not walk.

Where's this from?

Come to Romania again.


Dan didn't hesitate even a second to do that.

Yakitori is similar to shashlik.

I didn't attack Jingbai.

What did Art do with the money?

The operation was successful.

I've never met anybody like her.

If you are to do well in school, you must study hard.

The police thoroughly searched the house.

He told her everything.


I can type 50 words a minute.

An ant can lift more than 50 times its weight.

The job is half done.


I think with my eyes and ears, my hands and feet and my mouth and nose.