The Library and its Holdings

Baron Edmond de Rothschild sponsored the creation of the IBPC in 1927, and with it its elegant Library. This hushed, oaken place is home to a large collection of scientific publications dating back to the 1800's. Approximately 14,000 bound volumes are divided between the main library (Bibliothèque) and the Réserve, located in the compactor shelves installed in the basement.

Accessing a volume.

IBPC holdings are not available in electronic form.

In order to facilitate finding a desired volume, or verifying its presence in the collection, Journal titles are grouped here by first letter. Clicking through to the title itself links to a list of IBPC holdings for that journal. The location of a given volume is provided by a shelf number, which refers to the Main library unless prefixed by the letter "R", in which case the volume can be found in the Réserve.

Jean Perrin, un des fondateurs de l'IBPC

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