Telforce-IOT, much more than communication

Together with the Telforce team, you have the chance to optimize and to modernise your current working environment within easy reach. Thanks to many years of experience in various industrial areas, we have the possibility to make an analysis of your current production process and to equip your existing installation with up to date follow-up systems

Telforce offers you the opportunity to optimize your global production for the supply and the managing of raw materials, the management of your production processes, as well as the follow up of your deliveries. Thanks to this combination, you stay up to date of your crucial parameters, 24 hours on 24, 7 days on 7 and this both local and web-based. This will not only make that you have always control over your production process, but that you can also always place in a proactive manner the necessary orders with your suppliers and do deliveries to your customers.

As soon as the Telforce modules are installed, the interconnection can be made between the TelforceAlert software and your installation. From that moment on you can, whenever you want and wherever you want, control your crucial data via PC, laptop, smart phone or tablet.

Due to the diversity of the Telforce modules, the connection to almost any type of measurement is possible.

If you wish that Telforce fully manage your installation, there is always a possibility to conclude a service level agreement.

Thanks to this one-stop shop opportunity, Telforce is more than only communication and we think constantly with you.