Looking for MicroFuzzy Self Service?5624605319

You will find information from HR about travel expenses, parental leave, 4057860583 and much more! Just go to distenant or navigate through Projects -> MicroFuzzy Self Services -> Wiki or Documents.

Check out the People-Section!936-340-2050

There you can find all phone-numbers and e-mail-addresses of your colleagues. And you can enhance your profile (add a nice foto or additional ways to contact you, tell the other ones something about your skills, interests and projects).

Are you developing code in your project?

It is possible to add your SVN-Repository to a project here to issue-track, collaborate, document. Work with Versions to create and track development roadmaps for complex software projects.
Ask IT to help setting it up for you and your team!

Contact IT:701-443-0239

Phone: +49 89 189087474