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We’re here as a breath of fresh air. We work around your schedule, give you warm, personal advice and give you a fair quote based on what we honestly think is best for your home. We’re not just here for now, either, we’re here when you need us.

Our commitment is to give you a fair quote, with the right boiler & inclusions for your home and quality work that will last. No hidden fees, no pushy salesmen, no nasty surprises.

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 ✔ Honest quotes at fair prices

 ✔ Warm, friendly service at every point

 ✔ No pushy sales tactics

 ✔ Flexible appointments

 ✔ Aftercare to keep your boiler in great shape


Our installers have a wealth of experience installing boilers across the East and West Midlands.

They’re experts at what they do, but it doesn’t stop at the installation. We’re here for you afterwards too.

We're proud to install the Best

We work with and install the most reliable boiler brands: Worcester Bosch, Ideal and Viessmann, with a 10 year manufacturer-backed warranty available on all boilers.

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Helpful Tips


How much should a new boiler cost?

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Common boiler problems - does your boiler have one of them?

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Faulty boiler?

Get peace


of mind

If you're thinking about replacing an old or faulty boiler, replace it for peace of mind and comfort

Old Boiler?




Replacing an older boiler will save you more than you think - up to £30/month, which can offset the cost of a new boiler


Keep your boiler in top condition

Boiler Service



We have a simple, easy service plan - £7/month and we'll remind you when your service is due.