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There's a monster under my bed.

Look at the next page.

The result of the experiment was inconclusive.

This food is enough for three people.

I have plans with them tonight.

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Don't put the books in the shelf upside down.

The birds are singing in the trees.

Come on. I'm taking you home.


He doesn't like cops.

Sam fled slavery by escaping to Canada.

The book is expensive.

Aren't you tired?

She wrote a letter to herself.

Izchak knows the way.

He wields English well.

He was persuaded to be more sensible.

Let's go for a drink.

She's a slut.

I shvitzed the whole day while schlepping that dreck around.

We're making progress.

We usually go out for drinking parties.

This tie goes well with the suit, I guess.

Could you be a little more specific?

He served in the navy.

The fact is that they don't have enough money.

Kathryn and I respect each other.

The woods were clothed in autumn leaves.


I had nowhere to hide.

He's a con artist.

More than 3000 people attended the concert.

Milner has never apologized for what he did to us.

They must stay.

Try to keep in touch with me, just in case.

What'll you do?

He is certainly able to be good to you, but he can never be good for you.

Once in orbit, a defect in the optical mirrors of the Hubble Space Telescope prevented the clarity that scientists had hoped for when viewing images provided by the telescope.

I'm rather better now.

Vern is the person I was talking about.

He gave a powerful testimony.

That's my skill talking.

Let's talk in the study where it's quiet.

Maureen says that he wants to go to Boston.


Empty vessels make the most noise.


If we place an order for more than 20 units, would you reduce the price?

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Barbara started asking some questions.


Dirk is three years older than me.


I changed the lock on my door.


Nobody can stop us.


Tell me what's going on here.

She invited me.

I was happy when they doubled my salary.

She was wide awake.

I really don't feel good.


You seem perfect for the job.

I met her on campus yesterday.

Is there anything to drink?

We all pigged out at the company Christmas party, especially on the roast beef.

Ramon glanced out the window again.

Thank you for buying me this magazine.

I bought that record in this store.


He always says, "Just kidding!" at the end


That is very expensive.

This money will allow me to buy a car.

Stay out of the kitchen.

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She brushes her hair in the morning.


I think about this all the time.

The government should take targeted measures to eliminate unemployment.

Do what you can.

Harvey is afraid of spiders.

There were several couples on the beach.

Would you like another beer?

Be sure to follow these instructions exactly.

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You guys look lost.

We regard him as a great man.

Peige is probably the one who'll finish the work.

Hailing a cab in Manhattan at 5:00 p.m. is nearly impossible.

The young girl laughed carelessly.

If I had known, I would not have come.

Is this water drinkable?

The government has been reforming education.

We have already forgiven you.


You should never aim a laser pointer at an airplane or helicopter.

People who suffer from apnoea may get some relief by sleeping on one side instead of on the back or by elevating the upper body during sleep.

Wherever you may go, you may find examples of his evil doings.

Let him do all the talking.

The procedure is the same.

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I'm not sure as to when he will turn up.

The store will be closed tomorrow.

Sigurd grabbed the dog by the scruff of the neck.


Svante was allowed to stay.

He did not believe in physical space flight, but astral projection through the vastness he considered possible.

Contador won the yellow jersey in the Tour de France.

You said you loved me.

Mosur used to live deep in the jungle.


It ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging.

She was hard at work writing letters.

Cary turned the faucet on.

Chip's body was found by fishemen floating adrift in the sea.

How can you do that?

Janet was pale.

"How long will you remain in London?" "Until Monday."


She felt uneasy at the thought of her future.


I spend my time looking out of the window when I should be working.


Maybe you could talk to them.


How did you do it without our help?


Earle is in horrible danger.

I didn't mean to interrupt your conversation.

The Great Dane is a breed of domestic dog known for its giant size.

Old habits are hard to break.

Apart from his parents, no one knows him well.


I could go with her.

I made an effort to finish my work.

The ice was thick enough to walk on.

I believe we can make the necessary modifications by tomorrow.

Liber spoke quickly.

I won't go skating today.

Sue actually took the time to talk to us.

You don't need to memorize a dictionary to have good knowledge of a language.

Joanne caused this.

I'm very worried about your health.

I promise you I won't do anything to harm you.

Why do I have to give this to you?

I saw a beautiful waterfall there.

It's snowing again.

We'd better go find her.

I don't want to live alone.

Jerry was in charge.

I have no interest in doing that.

Who are you? Give us an answer to take back to those who sent us.

I don't fear the closeness between different peoples.

It was dark and cold in the room.


I think she really likes Lenny.


Yutaka has two older brothers.

Elsa was made by accident.

The nurses must see to the comfort of their patients.

How many prefectures are there in Japan?

You really do look beautiful.


We'll be leaving now.

My older sister is good at singing.

She was suspected of being a spy.

That will be no longer a problem by this time next week.

We must think about the community.

I'm not the problem.

I just wanted to remind you to call Sunil.

You can't use this faucet. It's out of order.

George doesn't care how much it costs. He still plans to buy it.

Teri knows the difference.

To exercise, I swim in the pool every week.


This train is crowded, so let's take the next one.


Jarvis Jackson is one of the coaches on my soccer team.

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I can't stand to see animals be teased.

They watched the solemn ceremony in the church with awe.

Sid's family is here.

There is no such thing as an untimely erection.

My father's a farmer. His family doesn't have money, and his life is very difficult.

So what's been going on?

I wish I had obeyed his directions.

Her father is a bank employee.

I don't need to tell Beverly anything.

Nobody believed in my country.

Eating is good.

I almost think you're right.

Loving, of enemies is another dogma of feigned morality, and has besides no meaning.


He comes from Wales.

There have been no reports of injuries.

Why would Tobias do it?