They were very respectful.

The cloth was torn to shreds.

He was heard to sing at the concert.

Clare jumped from the boat.

Sundar's a sleazy letch, and he gives Jochen the creeps.

Sangho won't let you pay.

I live in a flat.

Manjeri bumped into a certain Holly on his way to school.

Most modern passenger and military aircraft are powered by gas turbine engines, which are also called jet engines.


If each would sweep before the door, we should have a clean city.

This book is above me.

Have each of your wives bake a loaf of bread by tomorrow morning.

She was his married mistress.

Did you drive a Mercedes in Germany?

All life is a dream, and dreams themselves are only dreams.

Can you say much in Dutch?

Cristi is standing next to Tovah.

You must be at least 17 years old to donate blood.

I met him when I was staying in London.

He cried like a six-year-old.

He finished his work without sleep or rest.

What time did Those tell you he'd be arriving?


It was his habit to rise early.


How long has it been since you gave up teaching at that school?

I think Kelvin is very smart.

Please turn right.

Let the tea draw for ten minutes.

Connie was kind.

I've told Emmett where Graeme is.

I'm not a patient man.

I don't need to see Art now.

His letter alludes to the event.

Why didn't you try calling us?

It's going to take some time to win back trust.


I dream of a quiet life in the country.


Let me go shopping.


According to a recent study, the average life span of the Japanese is still increasing.

John is cleverer than Bill.

Thousands of women were widowed by the war.

We've seen all-round improvements lately.

Cris could go home if he wants to.

I had never seen him so completely bewildered as he was on that day.

Stop picking on Loukas.

I just bought these shoes.

Perhaps I shouldn't go to Boston this weekend.


Come on in here.

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The problem is not that they do not talk about me, the problem is that they do not talk WITH me.


They are wearing expensive rings.

I have been a disappointment to my parents.

What do we tell him?


My father doesn't let me go out alone at night.


I study French with Luis three times a week.


All those efforts came to nothing.

Advances in science and technology and other areas of society in the last 100 years have brought to the quality of life both advantages and disadvantages.

Were you drinking?

There's nothing I can tell you.

You're drunk.

Lou knew there were risks.

There sure are a lot of mosquitoes in this room.

Darryl taught Pierre how to swim.

I have tried every diet that has ever been published and I still haven't lost weight.

I must leave here today.

I helped him the best I could.

This train stops at all stations.

I am not a pessimist.

Did you know Vinod had a son?

You're not different. You're just like everybody else.

That's interesting, but beside the point.

I don't think I can get there in time.

I want you to utilize that object.

Let's unfold the map on the table and discuss it.

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You've painted the walls, haven't you?

How did they dance! Not like opera-dancers. Not at all. And not like Madame Anybody's finished pupils. Not the least.

Galaxies are islands separated by enormous distances.


You are welcome to any book in my library.

Please give me help in taking this down.

Perhaps you should've gotten a bigger one.

I told myself I could do it.

This problem is both yours and ours.

It was said that he had been sick in hospital then.

I'd like to be left alone.

I never thought Andy could do it.

Excuse me, I am looking for a book called "Fritz and Adam".

I also feel the same way.

Can you stop calling me that?


I'll never let that happen again.


We should not make too much of money.

Mr. Suzuki persuaded his son to drop his plan to study abroad.

Boyce hated the thought of leaving.

Make a virtue of necessity.

I don't wear a gun.

Kees and Kent are coming for dinner.

His modesty prevented him from making his feelings known to her.

Stop teasing me.

I heartily support you.

They gained great wealth.

Price sometimes helps his mother in the kitchen.

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The last thing this country needs is bar-room politicians.

You will be able to see her tomorrow.

John's house shouldn't be too hard to find.

Sean and Keith live under the same roof.

You never give up, do you?

I'm saying I'm not sure.

I wish I had gone to Boston with Anatoly.


What a rude comment!

Can you push the door open?

I've never seen you so nervous.

Tears flowed unabated from my eyes.

Do you believe in the existence of ghosts?

I just can't understand this.

He was in despair when he spent the last of his money.


Brett would've loved it.

The tactic worked.

It goes without saying that he will come to the discussion.

Tahsin did his best to help Ronald.

Dennis can make the ugliest face in town.

That's better.

Carry the table outside, please.

Those are the most expensive shoes I've ever seen.

I know Roxana wants us to go swimming with him.


We see a sleeping car there.


I obeyed the rules.

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Did I hear you correctly? Are you saying you disagree?


Gambling: The sure way of getting nothing for something.

We care about you.

It is not a watch.

You look very pale.

She did not come down until 8:00.

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The teacher kicked Dimetry out of class.

You must be a friend of Jiri's.

Walruses mate along ice edges in the drifting pack ice during winter and give birth on sea ice in spring.


They haven't told me yet whether I passed the test or not.

I've never played this piece of music before.

Stanley was here at that time.

I'm not completing your assignments.

I had some problems dealing with Rolf.

Let me make plain what I mean.

Orange juice, and two eggs over easy.

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You know I can't stand him.

I'm sorry, but it's just not possible.

What time did you go to sleep this morning?

Lull your baby to sleep.

Rick is a patient woman.

I want a third alternative.

Let's give them another chance.


I'm not concerned with that.

Arnold's not sick.

Is that all you have to say?


I dare say it will rain tomorrow.


Using cash makes you think money is truly substantial.

There is not a single mistake in his paper.

Now or never.

He's wearing sunglasses.

What has Tovah done wrong?

He was the first man that climbed Mount Everest.

Murph thinks the plan may backfire.


I'm sure Marcos had to borrow money in order to pay his rent.

When I was a child, my mother made me eat everything on my plate.

It won't be easy to find someone capable of taking his place.

I have to call someone now.

She gave him a necktie which was completely to his taste.

He doesn't like tennis much, but he really gets carried away with football.

I'm not thirsty right now.

He's a dumb-ass.

This sounds fishy.

I accept this proposal.

I fasted.

You had better take a bath to get warm.

Cristi will follow my advice.