The purpose of this tutorial is to help DIY lovers understand how you can make a wreath of flowers. People who have a passion for flowers and their colors know that thanks to them you can make unique and original compositions. If you follow carefully all the tips of the guide surely you can get a good final result.The flowers can be chosen of various types and also according to personal tastes. For example you can opt for rural flowers or for the classic flowers like tulips, daisies or lilacs. It is advisable to make the choice based on the occasion you have to face. In addition to flowers, to make the crown you need: an iron wire, a floral ribbon, scissors and adhesive tape. The latter can be replaced by using hot glue.


Shabby and Boho decorations reconfirm a trend also for this year in terms of setting up locations for receptions, packaging for wedding favors and flower bouquets for the bride.

If, on the occasion of your wedding, you are thinking of adopting a beautiful flower crown for your wedding hairstyle, make this unmissable object for you, the bridesmaids and the guests.

We start our chaplet by preparing the base. We take the wire with the largest diameter and measure the circumference of our head. We cut it according to this measure and cover it with green crepe paper tape, so that it can later be confused with flowers.

Fold the ends of your iron wire base, as shown in the image above. You will have to totally bend one side, while leaving the other half open, in such a way as to be able to use them as a hook of the chaplet.

Take the flowers you have previously chosen. Clean them and cut them, leaving only the part of the flower, eliminating the long stems.

Start by rolling the wire on the base, making sure that the first round is tight.

Then place the flowers on the base and tie them to this once again rolling the wire.

Continue to perform this step until the entire base is filled. Try to place the flowers very close together, so as to obtain a beautiful full crown.

At this point just close the crown through the hook and make sure it does not open. In the event that you notice a not too secure closure, tighten a little more the hooks that you had formed in the beginning.

This step is optional, but it can be an extra touch to your chaplet! Take the satin ribbon of the color you prefer, you can also choose two or more colors.



The flowers bring a romantic and bohemian touch to the look, especially when, in addition to being placed in the bridal bouquet, they are also used as an ornament for the wedding hairstyle; for this and much more, the little wreaths have become a real must have in contemporary wedding fashion. Much loved by brides and also by her bridesmaids as an accessory to add to the ceremony dress, they manage to give a fresh and dynamic look to the bridal outfit. Today we have decided to provide you with a short guideline on the points to be taken into consideration when choosing it.

The chaplet is an accessory that refers to the beauty of women of art and literature, is particularly suitable for those with long hair, both smooth and wavy, and also gives a beautiful short hair. There are several in terms of style and workmanship, but to avoid this graceful intertwining of flowers and branches may be heavy there are some very precise factors to remember.

The flowers for a chaplet should preferably be in season, especially if you want a fresh and natural effect, but you must pay close attention to their resistance because they could wilt during the course of the day. However, to make sure it is fresh longer, it is best to put it in a cool place or in a refrigerator before putting it on.