(Paws)Ability's Poodles

Poodle Service Dogs and Invisible (Dis)Ability Awareness

Welcome to (Paws)Ability's Poodles

(Paws)Ability’s Poodles is a place for education, sharing stories, and knowing you aren't alone. I know from experience that the process of getting a service dog is daunting, so daunting in fact that some of us decide to go the route of owner training. And that is a daunting path as well whether you train all on your own or, like me, hired trainers to help you. All of us have difficulties that necessitate a service dog and many have (dis)abilities that are invisible. Whether psychiatric or medical or both. And everyone with an invisible (dis)ability with a service dog has invariably run into the “questions” and judgement.

I’ll share with you my experiences, and share yours if you like (you can email them to me at contact at domain dot com), and you can follow me on panchromatization and Facebook (Summer Krum).

I have an almost 1 year old blue standard poodle (Dash) Service Dog in-Training (SDiT) as well as an apricot standard poodle puppy service dog candidate (Flutter). I’ll take you along on the journey to full service dog and training for service dog work and hopefully help you on your journey to new adventures. All the while trying to get the word out about invisible (dis)abilities and our need for our dogs. So lets get started!