To know oneself is difficult.

We're cousins.

Terrance is going to paint his car blue.


I promise you that it won't last long.

I like the new house more than the old one.

Did you get our package we sent you?


Celia is a professor of Chinese literature.


I'll do what I need to do.

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This audiobook is worth listening to.

I don't like Noemi's dog.

Let them do this.

To talk during a concert is rude.

Comedy is much closer to real life than drama.

I'm done making excuses.

I thought that my mother was going to kill me.

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Every time he opened his mouth she looked at him sternly, as if to say, 'Silence,' so he could only let his eyes speak for him.

I had to be aggressive.

I don't think Heidi speaks French.

It was a good feeling.

I can't believe you're still hungry.

In addition to that sum he still owes me ten dollars.

The car clapped along very slowly.

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Even with a weak battery, the flashlight lit.


Do you want me to do that?

Sabrina dared me to do it.

It happened on the first of May.

I didn't see you come in.

Panos closed his eyes, wincing in pain.

He was startled by the explosion.

Dan gagged Linda and locked her up in a closet.

I was married when I was nineteen.

The little girl was carried back home in her father's arms.

Give Interlingua a chance because it's easier than French, Spanish, or Portuguese and has more similarities to them.

That's the painter whose picture you want to buy.


That is a long pencil.

Ole quickly reloaded his pistol.

Metin can't turn Hitoshi down.


Delbert didn't know where Sergio bought her groceries.


I built it myself.

Sue will meet the Browns.

The food didn't taste all that bad.

Tonight we're going to church.

I can speak neither French nor German.

From whom did Dejan know the song I've ever sung with my fellow friends from my village?

This case was classified as a homicide.


They can't be more than five minutes away.

This is very wrong.

We could see the lights of the town in the distance.

It was nice of him to help.

She is like my own child.


Reiner burned his toast.


Near such high virtue, every maiden fear takes wing at once.


In America, rice can be bought for a fifth of what it costs in Japan.

You can't speak French, can you?

I feel like I'm going to be OK.

My alarm clock didn't work. That's why I was late.

I didn't plan on staying here so long.


Where is the evidence?


So what's been going on?

I got paid today.

Does Jeanette really believe that Ravi was abducted by aliens?

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Ro had a hard time learning how to ride a bicycle.

She allegedly killed him in self defense.

I think you owe me some money.

You're the first person to mention that.

Lawrence is seeing a therapist.

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I scream for ice cream.


Jarl dropped out of the competition.


Put the carrots in the pot.

I always get an A in math.

Could I bring you something else?

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She made him do it.

He needs an interpreter.

I'll be happy to do it.

Gunnar is taking Jesus out to dinner tomorrow.

"I'm not angry. Look, see this smiling face?" "That's what they call a forced smile!"


When I arrived at the airport, the wind was blowing a gale.


It's pretty clear.


As you can see, I'm still alive, and that's the main thing. My father, too, says that's what's most important.

I think Dimitry is greedy.

I was nine years old when I asked my mom if Santa Claus really existed.

Let's think about that for a moment.

He massaged her back.

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I'll make them understand.

If the ball hits the head pin too head on you'll end up with a split.

She took the photo back in her hands.


Mr Brown is a wool merchant.

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Tell me what movies you guys have seen.

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It's time for Norm to understand how we want things done.


Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you.

His story rings true.

There is a pen on the desk.

I can't think of anything else.

You promised that you would be there last night.

He forgot to rewind the movie.

Are you getting married?

Why isn't there anybody?

There are no tables in the room.


Do you need sunglasses?


I take my camera wherever I go.

He stood in an upright position.

A good idea suddenly struck her.

He is as young a teacher as ever taught here.

I don't understand him.

Tandy started to back up.

Skirts last year reached just below the knees.


It is no use crying over spilt milk.

Someone needs to tell her that.

They all posed for a picture.

Perhaps you should see a doctor.

I discovered Antonio's secret.

What's wrong with my manners?

They didn't speak English very well.

Feel free to come by whenever you've got a minute.

The test is not hard, the problems are all similar.

He had to give up smoking to protect his health.

Gary had a job interview this morning.

Death is the great leveler.

I'm asking you to trust me.

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This always makes me laugh.


Is it so hard to choose between heaven and hell?

Trying to do such a thing is a waste of time.

Arlene is living in Boston.

You know too much for your own good.

What kind of hospital is this?


We'll miss you a lot.

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The boys made fun of the girls.

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It was so noisy that I couldn't make myself heard.

I can't do without coffee after meals.

You've never seen one before, have you?

We heard the speech to the end.

Here's a picture of us.

Luis is now well enough to work.

This game is fixed.


I bought an eight-acre farm for my retirement.

He could not refrain from smiling, though with a slight sense of guilt.

Jerald told me that he had feelings for me since he first met me.


Two glasses of apple juice, please.

I was thinking about what I said earlier.

This is appalling.

Which best describes his actions?

That is the same umbrella that I found on the bus.


Morton is making magazine covers.


Share music from your country, introduce yourself to us, share photos of your city, and so on!

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I have to find it.

Nobody really believed what Socorrito said.

Teriann might be able to be here by 2:30.

The news caused him to explode with anger.

You were the only one who could have helped us.

We don't really know why.

He's a science teacher.


Sharon reluctantly assisted Allan to escape police custody.

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How many eggs does this hen lay each week?

We can't swim here.

Yvonne is unapproachable.