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Webber Institute Books (WIB) serves as the publishing arm of the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies (IWS), which was founded by the late Robert E. Webber for the purpose of forming servant leaders in worship renewal with the perspective that “the road to the future runs through the past.” IWS is the only school in North America dedicated solely to graduate education in the biblical foundations, historical development, theological reflection, and cultural analysis of worship. Its vision emphasizes that its graduates will “participate intentionally in the story of the Triune God” in order to “bring renewal in the local and global church by shaping life and ministry according to the fullness of that story.” In scope it is “evangelical in nature and ecumenical in outlook, embracing and serving the whole church in its many expressions and variations of the Christian faith, particularly articulated by the Ancient Church and its [contemporary] guardians….” Those interested in obtaining further information concerning the Institute should consult its website.

Webber Institute Books are published in order to provide a means for disseminating to the general public varying and differing views concerning the many aspects of worship and Christian life. The ideas expressed in these published materials wholly remain the views of the authors themselves and are not necessarily those of either IWS or the publisher.

It is the prayerful concern of both IWS and the publisher that the information contained in these works will stimulate further reflection and discussion. The results of such exchange of ideas hopefully will enhance worship renewal within the various segments of the Christian church. Moreover, in keeping with the hopes and dreams of Bob Webber, may all that is done through this publishing enterprise enable Christians to reject the narcissistic patterns prevalent in contemporary society and give the glory to God who sent Jesus, the Christ, to provide for human transformation and in concert provided humans with the divine triune presence through the Holy Spirit.

Gerald L. Borchert
Founding Editor
James R. Hart
IWS President

Editorial Board

Dr. Larry Ellis
Dr. James R. Hart
Dr. Andrew E. Hill
Dr. Nancy Nethercott
Dr. Robert A. Myers, General Editor

Books Published to Date

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Strategic Portraits: People and Movements That Shaped Evangelical Worship
Robert A. Myers (2018)
The Gavel: From Verdict to Victory
James C. Dodge (2016)

The Mystery of Worship: What Happens When Christians Worship?
Robert J. George (2015)
The Storytelling Church: Adventures in Reclaiming the Role of Story in Worship
Jeff Barker (2011)

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