Welcome to WEB Technology 2015

Bring your vision to life

HTML5 is the leading solution for building applications offering a complete set of integrated technologies supported by an established ecosystem.
Advanced interactivity, effects and animations, 3D rendering, high level of security incorporated in modern browsers by vendors gives opportunity fast and easy create complex applications and instant connect from personal device to big business


Displaying the Big Picture

Same application run on Mobile, Kiosk and desktop connecting to cloud gives unlimited ability to deliver content on demand. User interactions in a quick way allow to find point of interest and help better understand information they are enquire.
Same time each click stored in database for further analysis bringing a picture of business strength and weaknesses and can be used as a guide to company development


The Order of Things

Starting from user story we are caring project all the way to deployment and if hardware involved to implementation. Planning a project and providing documentation step by step our main goal is to achieve customer satisfaction. You want to run software on a single computer, network, your existing website or on a cloud we incorporate security, scalability and integrity based on defined today WWW standards


Modern Features

The Modern Business Solution includes:

  • Cloud Web Based Softaware as Service (SaaS)
  • OWASP best practices security control
  • Mobile Application work on Android, iOS, Windows
  • Adaptive layout for small and large screens desktops and mobile
  • Content and configuration management from remote Admin Panel
  • Data Integration on user Interface level

Solution on demand has variety of services and menus to follow business logic. Lightweight and very fast applications run seamlessly on the background leaving all complexity of transactions to programmers same time delivering best User Experience.


Main Services

Mobile Applications

Computer more and more taking place in our lives. We want them not only in office or at home but on a go. The mobile web marketing space is in a phase of rapid growth and it’s got business owners and marketers alike on their toes. We’re downloading more apps than ever before and spending more than 80% of time with our mobile devices by using apps. We turn to apps to connect with people, plan our days and our lives, see the news…and play games


Kiosk Software

Simplicity to use just with touch of your finger even kids can do so. Same time it is part of business architecture and the way to deliver valuable information on a key point of public places. Kiosk on entrance, on intersection, on busy place help people better understand business they are enquire in. Interactive content in a couple of touches opens a door to valuable content laying on well designed view.



Content Management System today is much more than editing texts and images. It is include changing appearance and behaviours, scheduling events, gathering statistics and analysis. Especially when system serves business content (like booking or buying) managing data and settings is very responsible work and could be accomplished only with help of computer software what provide on a background validating and applying business logic.


Web Applications

Next generation of computer software as SaaS (Software as a Service) based on deployment of Web Applications. With advanced features of modern web browsers HTML can do everything what native application do even more. They offer a proven cost-effective way to deliver content independent of hardware and operating system keeping pace with users rising expectations. By simple user login on demand application deployed on device.


Turnkey solution that includes everything you need to extend your business with modern technology.
Connecting the world in one artificial intelligence.