Monday, November 19, 2018
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The CAP Incident Commander

The CAP Incident Commander

The CAP Incident Commander website is now on-line!  Here CAP members who are Mission Staff can find the tools, information, and resources necessary to successfully run a CAP Search and Rescue mission.  Tutorials and HowTos will keep us trained and fully qualified for any mission.  And we'll also keep this site updated with the latest changes in CAP procedures, on-line programs, and methods to complete a mission.

Most of the website will be open to everyone.  But the Resources Menu is locked to just qualified Incident Commanders.  This is to protect the contact information in those areas.  If you are a qualified Incident Commander and would like access to the protected areas - please contact Chuck Tetlow for a user account (on the top menu toolbar - use the HOME, CONTACT US link).

This site will be a work-in-progress for a while.  We appreciate any help or suggestions provided.  If you have links or tools that would help our Incident Commanders - please send it as a suggestion.  Or if you'd like to contribute as an author, please contact Chuck for contributor level access to the site.

I hope this site is helpful to you.



Aircrew ORM Form

Texas Wing changed to the new CAP National ORM form last November.  And now - there is another new version!

Its May 2011, and I was just given these new versions of the CAP National ORM form.

PDF Conversion of blank form: (803) 485-7465

PDF Form with fillable fields: 9706391333


IMU3 Virtual Mode

IMU3 has come to Texas, and its easier than ever before! 

photosculptural can also be found on the top menu, under "Tutorials and HowTo's".  The tutorial will lead you through installing, configuring, and using IMU3 in its "Virtual User Mode" (that's when we are all accessing a common database on the IMU server).


Good luck.  And feel free to contact Chuck if you have any problems.




ELT Search Sanity Checks

CAP is still getting ELT search missions.  We were led to believe that once the 406MHz ELTs came on board - we would be obsolete. We were told that the ELT would transmit the exact coordinates to a satellite, and AFRCC would just call out the emergency responders.  It hasn't worked out exactly that way - so this is a quick article about doing some "sanity checks" when running our ELT missions.

Read more: ELT Search Sanity Checks


Loading Fuel Reciepts in WMIRS

Instead of uploading some files via the sortie page and some via the upload files link in the e-104. you can now upload all of your files through the e-104 and they populate to all the correct places. To get the fuel receipt to populate:

Read more: Loading Fuel Reciepts in WMIRS


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