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Ginny has figured it out.

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Albert doesn't know where to look.

He remained poor despite being a hard worker.

No one will ever know.

Shawn helped his mother set the table.

Shatter was struck by lightning and died.


Who will look after your dog tomorrow?

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The heating is costing me more and more.


Do you think we can help him?


There's the answer.

Ken has a guitar.

I wonder what caused this to happen.

We have to do the work in a day.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I've never even met Marguerite.

Are you rushing to finish the project?

Excessive drinking is one of the causes of impotence.

Yamamoto is one of my friends.


The teacher stressed the importance of taking notes.

'Radioactivity' is a chemistry term.

I want to be a leader that people can respect.

I should go warn Pim.

Don't be late to school tomorrow.

I took shelter from rain under the shop's eaves.

The record is finished. Turn it over to the other side.

Do Japanese people eat sushi every day?

He shut his ears to my advice.

Aoi became a dancer.

Where is the rota?

It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good.

As a last resort, read the instructions.

You had been playing.

Chicken Tikka Massala is now a true British national dish, not only because it is the most popular, but because it is a perfect illustration of the way Britain absorbs and adapts external influences. Chicken Tikka is an Indian dish. The Massala sauce was added to satisfy the desire of British people to have their meat served in gravy.

I am a very sad man.

I still remember how to play that song.


She's even more hardworking than you are.

She maxed out her credit card.

They pay little attention to him.

Those two children were the same age.

Everybody down here sure likes you a lot, Louie.

She announced her engagement to her lawyer friend.

We have ordered one.

Life has been hard on them.

This is completely unacceptable.

I couldn't take in the lecture at all.

In metro cities, the local population mingles freely with visitors.

That's what got me into this line of work.

She wanted my permission to use the telephone.

Boy that was close.

So, my enemy, I won't let you attempt on the holy of holies of my heart, you will pay for it, I promise.

I may know her.

It was totally random.

What are the dates?

Shannon crumpled Meehan's note in his hand.


Beautiful flowers have thorns.


I don't understand what's going on.

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Your idea is definitely worth thinking about.


I haven't seen or heard from Pam since then.

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Toufic is calling from his cellphone.


Keep Those guessing.


Why didn't you come to see me sooner?

"The answer's a lemon." "Why?" "Suck it and see."

Try to learn a little French.

The two boys became intimate friends at the camp.

Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law.


I said I think I found something.

Siegurd killed himself in Boston.

No matter what you do, don't push this button.

I want to see him first.

This story was written by my friend.


There's nothing interesting on the Internet today.

How many times do I have to tell to do your homework?

You're even crazier than I thought.


I have a plastic cup.

We have to get it together.

What must Beckie say so that Svante forgives him?

You gave up too soon.

Jeffery isn't as happy as he seems to be.

Himawan wasn't really sure what Marian meant.

Linder is playing solitaire.

This is the most recent picture of Pantelis I have.

Last time I counted, I estimated that I know around 2500 Chinese characters.


I want to see what there is inside.


We can work something out.


I'm a terrible dancer.


Mayst thou never learn who thou art.

Do you want him to wait?

Tuna is often away on business.

We must look at the problem from a global point of view.

I want you to talk to Dylan about that.

Gregor doesn't know much about pottery.

I got my driver's license on the second time I tried to pass the driver's test.

I think Herb has a secret admirer.

I know her by name, but not by sight.


I have already packed my things.

Can we talk about music?

Our conversation always ends in a quarrel.

Ariel was partly right.

Have you got over the shock?

Were you speaking German?

The refrigerator preserves food from decay.

Recently juvenile delinquency has been on the rise.

Why don't you look for him?

Be careful or you'll strip the gears.

Is this to eat here, or to go?

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It is not because she is beautiful that I like her.


I think we did OK.

I fear this work will take up most of my time.

Nigel was truthful.

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The dog answers to the name of Blackie.


I love to see him smile.

Linda wasn't in his room.

There were no radios in Japan in those days.


This would enable us to compete more effectively with other agencies.

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Marie speaks German fluently

Ned bought a very expensive camera.

What languages do they speak in Belgium?

President Jefferson was angry.

Can you please send ten $15 flashlights immediately?


In everything, one should consider the end.

All the stores were closed.

He never gave anything to anybody.


Hi, sorry I didn't understand you.

I think Siping can speak French. I could be wrong, though.

I know why Cris got sick.

He is still somewhere about.

Which would you rather have, tea or coffee?


Jackye kicked Pia in the nuts.

With this jacket you will not freeze.

There was an explanation.

I know I'll never forget you.

I would like to call.


You're scaring them.

You said this was going to happen.

Have you ever listened to Beethoven's "Ninth"?

I believe I fell in love!

He has a huge handlebar mustache.

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Dorian is Mott's brother-in-law.

I hate myself for my mistakes.

Sometimes, life is so unjust.

The hotel can accommodate 500 guests.

That was interesting to me.

It has nothing to do with the subject we are discussing.

Have you ever listened to the French version of this opera?

Oh, you are early this morning.

Look, a squirrel.

I admire your scruples, Annard.

Don't worry, you'll like it.

I'm having fun watching the children playing.

Some attention should be paid to word order, gender and declension.


I have to quit my job.

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The content of that polyethylene bottle is cloudy and yellowish. Could it be urine?

Liyuan isn't good-looking.

Every word in this dictionary is important.

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To put it bluntly, your sweat smells awful.


It's freezing out here!

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I often visit my relatives.


Husbands and wives should help each other as long as they live.

How are we going to find them?

I want to live in Australia.