How can you stand living here?

What more do I need?

What do you want from life?

Rebecca has been in Boston for a while.

I'd like to die of old age.

Don't do that ever again!

Please don't tell me you've hired Roberta.

Kevyn came back home just in time for Christmas.


Guy and Sugih both should know better.

I just need to know Sanity is safe.

He ditched the car in an alley and took off running.

They wash their hands.

It is raining hard outside.

They adapted themselves to the change quickly.

I'll get the car.

She just kept her distance from him.

There's no time to tell you everything.

The problem closely relates to our everyday life.

Aaron needs to come back to Boston.


The bus ran on the long and winding road.

The man took up with his wife.

I have the feeling that since last Sunday morning, years have gone by.


He was a leader of the working class.

Turkish is an agglutinating language.

He'll be here any second.


What have you done with the watch I bought for you?

Herzl waited in the dimly lit room. At times he would fidget restlessly in boredom.

I need to speak to Noam immediately.


In the winter, days are shorter.

I really like hard boiled eggs.

If Nichael isn't going to go, I won't either.

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I thought it made me look older.


I've heard that Robert is ill.


They asked me to make a speech on short notice.

You probably do this all the time.

I do not urinate much.

I've never bought jewelry.

Has Paul ever talked to you about me?


Let's do that together.

It's time for us to talk.

The noise got on my nerves.


I know how these things work.

Everybody praised his heroism.

You're a friend of Radek's, eh?

She stormed off in a huff.

Jorge seemed to know everybody there.

Please be careful not to overexert yourself.

I don't speak Mandarin very well.

Psychology findings suggest that conservatives are usually less intelligent than progressives are.

Don't worry. Fritz will take care of it.

He made use of the opportunity to improve his English.

Guy sat in his beanbag chair.


Have I ever told you how I became a circus clown?

She unlocked the car door by means of a hairpin.

They all say they're innocent.

I want to buy a present for Isaac.

My father is still ill in bed.

That's really bad news.

Jack brushed the dust off his coat.

Timothy held the book in his hand.

Try to do so as far as the station.

Her lush hair cascaded down over her shoulders.

They're all scared of you.

I usually got to bed about eleven.

Is there something you aren't telling us?


The process is important.


Three people were found murdered in Dan's home.


I was disappointed that you didn't call.

He's kicked out.

I hid the true amount I spent from him.


Victor won't be going to Alison's party.

Mother's illness kept her at home yesterday.

Can I share?

In a democracy, it is important for journalism to be independent.

He is a cheerful old man.

He had a wonderfully powerful memory.

May the turbulence of our age yield to a true time of peace, when men and nations shall share a life that honors the dignity of each, the brotherhood of all.

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She has a cat. The cat is white.


In the last weeks, there has been some strong storms.

As for the air, there is always some moisture in the atmosphere, but when the amount increases a great deal, it affects the light waves.

Keep Pilar away from Lanny.


This task was incredibly boring.


My car is on its last legs.


I helped mom cook.

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Leith didn't even notice that Terry was gone.


I will scrutinize you closely.

I see no problem with that.

My little brother did it, not me.

Pontus drinks.

You shouldn't indulge that child. It will make him very selfish.

I'm first.

Normally, we eat three times a day.

The man asked me who I was, but I didn't think I had to answer.

I didn't inform them.


I can't remember the last time I saw you so happy.

There are no stars in the sky tonight.

If you don't know what the word means, look it up in the dictionary.

Did I tell you what Melissa said?

I really don't have enough money.

Graeme turned left onto Park Street.

I was convinced by his explanation.

They obeyed.

My wife is a physician.


That'll always be our secret.

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Christofer got here earlier than Lester did.

I am getting slim!

Rahul does things his own way.

Tanaka is asleep on the cot in the back room.

Albert, I hope you'll stand by me if I get in trouble.


I don't know how to drive.

He backed abruptly away.

He speaks English as well as though he were an Englishman.

There's a bait shop in my neighborhood.

Does it snow much in winter?


That escalated quickly.


Linda had some fun.

It has been a long time since I wrote you last.

What could possibly go wrong?

She served me coffee.

We ran out of petrol.

The gravity of the moon is one-sixth of that of the earth.

We used to go to the same school.

I got some glass rods and processed them into bottles.

God help us whether or not.


He's a good actor and he's really cute too!

Suddenly, a young woman stood up.

We're really looking forward to it.

It is imperative that we should encourage participatory forms of decision-making.

When did you fire them?


Not all aliens are bad.

I'd rather live in a small town than in a big city.

I think you had better stay with us.

Life is a constant search.

A woman whose tongue grew out of the roof of her mouth soon found herself surrounded by overeager linguists.

Do you have to use money?

I have already finished this book.

Rajendra is having lunch now.

It is true he has a good fast ball, but he is often wild.

Louiqa wasn't kidding.

I wish I'd kept my mouth shut.

Using Esperanto with him, I feel that we are both at the same level, at least from a lingual point of view.

Jerrie and Ken haven't come yet.

As for me, I won't be able to attend today's meeting.

I don't want it because I already have it.

What does Hy have in mind?

In Dnipropetrovsk, Lenin square has been renamed into Maidan heroes square.

I can't go back to being just one of the guys.

Our diet is full of variety.


Rex nodded encouragingly.

Peter was an altruistic video game player; he would give items to people who needed them, rather than selling them for personal profit.

I won't dispute that.

She explained to him why she was late.

You should let her help you.

Sue checked in at the Royal Hotel.

They confronted each other.


Grace got paint on his shirt while he was painting the fence.

I'm really proud of Jakob.

"It's really muggy today." "You're not kidding."

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He must come.

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She is going to have a baby.

Mr Eliot's niece goes to a women's college.

Is Thierry still sleeping?

You're impulsive.

And what about the grandfather, aren't you going to bury him?

The bottom lip is bigger than the top lip.

He must have gone to see his old friend.