I can't bear the thought of her with another man.


This restaurant is less expensive.


I want to go with you to the movies.

I hope they throw Dalton in jail and throw away the key.

What's your favorite type of pizza?

From a small acorn grows a tall oak tree.

I want to report the loss of some jewelry.

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Elliott picked up a pen and started to write.

It's a very good plan.

Joanne poured himself another glass of wine from the bottle.

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I'll be back tonight.

Give us something to work with.

A gust of wind swelled the sails.

Richard grumbled.

Serdar can't go anywhere by himself.

She was fluent in French.

The music lured everyone.

She found a nice tie for me.

He who praises everybody, praises nobody.

Jimmy often stays up all night.

May I take a message for him?

Put it in the closet.

What do you take pride in?


He conversed with those exchange students.

Hey, Cleo. Don't wander around too much, OK? We've only just entered the park.

Next spring I want to go to Hawaii.


There are lots of risky places in London.

How is the family?

If everyone pitches in, we can do it.

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Were you nervous during the job interview?


The party is in full swing.

It all happened three months ago.

Hillary's speech was good.

I'm not going to go to Boston with Shirley.

Since my room faces south, it isn't so cold even in the winter.

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Is she the lady who was dressed in blue?


He bowed his head.


Who was born in Armenia is Armenian.


Dan decorated the walls of his room with racist symbols.

I'll chance it.

Don't be smug! You could have hurt yourself.

You snooze, you lose.

In interviewing John for the job, we must take into account that he has very bad eyesight.

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Alice! a childish story take, / And with a gentle hand / Lay it where Childhood's dreams are twined / In Memory's mystic band, / Like pilgrim's wither'd wreath of flowers / Pluck'd in a far-off land.


Just ask her.

The future is unknowable.

She works with single-minded determination.

I owe you 300 dollars.

The crowd groaned.

Ring the bell in an emergency.

Why are we wasting time here?

I'm looking for someone who can speak French.

She is hungry for friends.

He is hailed as the father of modern anthropology.

It's not possible, is it?

His sons want to be lawyers.

When was the last time you were angry?

He isn't an American.

Fully booked for the night, the hotel had to turn away some late guests.

I didn't play tennis yesterday.

I want to help you, but I can't.

We have no way to verify this.

I had fun dancing.


Why is it so?

We can't cut down that tree.

He looked as if nothing had happened.

Svante called the meeting to order.

Laurie knows how to take care of himself.

I still want to fight.

Their job is to draw plans.

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Certainly they will go on holiday next month.

We talked for some time.

I'll shoot.


You aren't obligated to come if you don't want to.

Dan and her boyfriend are planning to go to a movie Friday evening.

Dan isn't too old to do it.

You got your revenge.

Have you fed the dog yet?

I have to wake Joel up soon.

I haven't seen Bill for a long time.

Sharon is a bookworm.

I guess that the beautiful girl will say goodbye to the shy young man.

There's a little wind.

The children are lined up for the bus.

This is my umbrella, not Sandra's.

Kemal would never wear a coat that looked like that.


Who did you hang out with last weekend?

He's smart, handsome and polite.

I get tired due to my old age.


I always have a tired feeling.

Call me now and then.

They're coming for me.


Let me open the door for you.

That is why so many students are absent today.

Gill glanced around the room.

You can tell me tomorrow.

During the second glass, he became talkative.

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The first thing you have to do is take a bath.

We're not quite sure why this happens.

Thank you for reminding me.

Everything depends on whether you pass the examination.

That's not really enough.

Was she always that fat?

You can't have this.

We've got to get back to the lab.

We can see a big mountain over there.

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You'll be all right now.

Masterpieces are but successful attempts.

The joke is on us.

She doesn't remember if his car was yellow or not.

The weather is terrible today.

The cat was strutting around the yard, when it suddenly ran into the house.

I have a great fear of being disdained by those I love and care about.

She got so angry that she belted him in the face with the back of her hand.

It's very hot here in the summer.

Pablo always feels hungry at least one hour before lunch.

You shouldn't let people make use of you like that.


We used to be close friends.

You'll get used to living here in no time.

I want to know more about the accident that killed Ninja.

Small children can be very destructive.

I hope you enjoyed the show.


You're still sick. You should stay in bed.

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The sight made a chill run down my spine.

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Ken did warn Julian.

Mark the correct answer.

The car was carrying 4 people when it had the accident.

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What could be more important than that?

I wish it would stop raining before tomorrow.

I want to know your opinion.

He prepared his lessons.

If for some reason that should happen, what would you do?

I'll see what else needs to be done.

I had to catch the first train this morning to get here in time.

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Gregor tore up the contract.

How did it all come about?

I can top that.

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Tell Monty about it.


Children should be taught to share.


Danielle was screaming.

Society could not care less.

Henry remained silent the whole time.

It's really dangerous.

We wanted to celebrate with them.


Rhonda isn't going to come back here.

Please let me come with you.

You had better get this letter registered for fear it should be lost.

It's not worth it.

Clara would like to have a smooth skin.


How do you decorate your house for Christmas?

She took advantage of his kindness.

I thought that Takeo would pass the exam and Kunio would fail, but the result was the other way around.

She is cold to me.

In a similar situation, I'd do the same.

Turn on the rice cooker, please.

Tuna doesn't have a mean bone in his body.


I proposed a way that wasn't so stupid.

He cheated me at cards.

Life is full of ups and downs.

Light travels at about 186,000 miles per second.

Lana is dumb, but not that dumb.


Why don't you take Oscar?


There's something over there.