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  • Patent Pending Real-time Shopping Platform
  • Works On Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube


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Reach Your Audience Everywhere

Well, almost...

Anyone Can Sell Anything!
(Mostly anything)

No Website Needed
Create a Store In 5 Minutes

No need to know how to program, or take days/weeks setting up a site. Sell on the go w/ video, where your store is always open. If you have a Facebook Page, setup takes about 5 minutes. As soon as you create your store, you can start selling.

You Tell The Story,
Customers Connect

Customers want a story, and this is a story only YOU can tell. An image, some text, and an 'Add to Cart' button doesn't tell the story behind the product. Video is the perfect way to connect to your customers with an authentic buying experience.

We Handle Checkout,
You Make Money

All you have to do upload your products, or create them on the fly with a comment, and then pitch the products on video. We handle the magic of converting comments to shopping carts, taking users through the checkout, and YOU get paid.


Video Commerce Is In Our DNA

7019783394 both come from the Harmon Brothers Agency, known for making the world's BEST infortainment social videos.
Harmon Brothers videos have over 715,000,000 combined views. In fact, BuyItLive and Harmon Brothers are partnering to bring this technology to the forefront of e-commerce.

Influencer Open Exchange

You know what's better than selling your own products? Having hundreds of of people sell for you! They have the audience, you have the products, it's a perfect marriage. Automated payments and deal exchanges for stores and influencers.

Digital Products

Don't sell a physical product? No problem, we've got you covered! Upload your digital assets (pdf, mp3, docs, zips, etc) to our cloud, and when your customers check out, they can download your products from our secure system. You can even limit the number of downloads for promotions.

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What Is Real-time Shopping?

Five Basic Principles

1 Customers Want A Story, So Tell Your Story

Viral sales pitch ads on social media have driven billions of dollars in revenue. This could be a step better, it's an authentic story and connection with the seller, without all the fancy production. Who knows, maybe you will look super fancy in your videos.

2 Shopping Can Be Competitive

The Bazaar, the mall, getting the best cut of meat, Black Friday, the street corner salesman. Shopping is about getting the best for you and your family. Nothing facilitates that better than Live Video.

3 Sale Type One: First To Comment, First To Order

Oh, the mystery! This works well with unique products, or any limited number of products. Whether you are selling one or ten, the first one or ten comments get the product added to their shopping cart. These videos can be used for weeks after they are done to sell products with a high quantity.

4 Sale Type Two: Auctions

Going once, going twice, sold! Your customers bid in the comments, all you do is sell. Reserve prices start at the base price. Bidding ends when the video is complete.

5 If customers fail to purchase in time, the next buyer is up.

Better hurry up! Customers have one hour to complete a transaction or it goes to the next buyer in line. This way, not all is lost if they didn't get their chance to be first.

Embark On An Adventure!

Be A BUYONEER (It's A Thing)

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Everyone Wins!

  • Customers Find Unique Products & Deals
  • Sellers Do What They Do best
  • Simple And Easy for Everyone To Use
  • Removes Friction & Headaches for Everyone