How come all the cute guys are gay?

You can't run away from me now.

What was your major?

As is the case with him, he reported the event.

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Where is the bar?

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They adopted a kid.

He left the window open.

He called a taxi for me.

Hillary has a modest two-bedroom house in Boston.

We enjoy reading novels.

Tracey seemed like a nice guy at first.

No other student in the class is as brilliant as he is.

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I was just about to go out when it began to rain hard.

Let me go! You're hurting me!

We have a little water.

We have seen no one.

I think you sent me the wrong document.

I didn't say I didn't want you here.

Please open the trunk.


I'm not in a mood to eat right now.

Isn't that risky?

Kamiya told me he couldn't remember the teacher's name.

The train hasn't come yet.

I'm glad to hear that.


Her house is very modern.


Jim wrote the letter for Betty.

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We don't think the job is done.

I love trying to do new things.

You are too, son!

Joel is always nice.

The church sits on the outskirts of town.

Thai is the official language of Thailand.

Other factors of importance, which make litigation of large corporations more difficult, are the size and complexity of their activities.

When you exercise your heart beats faster.

I'm not your doll.

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Who are you looking for?

No matter what happens, you must be here by nine.

They shot down thirty-six enemy planes.

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I was very fortunate.

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We're all busy.

Don't play with that gun. It's not a toy.

Can you fix this or should I call a plumber?


Is that the truth, Olivier?


I already have butterflies in my stomach.

The springtime of life is short.

Do we have to be nice to her?


Our house started to shake.

He approached the door.

I hear you're selling your car. What do you want for it?

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Our teacher hates his students to ask questions while he is giving a lecture.

In fact, gorillas have many of the same feelings that people have.

I'd like to eat something.

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Ken bought a fine wine for his father on his birthday.


They were at the bottom of the scheme.

I'm looking for my brother.

Strictly forbidden.

I love your beard.

There was a violent storm at sea.

Yesterday I purchased an ergonomic chair.

I was picturing a completely different concept, but I like where you're going with this.

He conserved his energy for the next game.

I think that ghosts exist.

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I read all kinds of books.

He has given up trying to put the papers in order.

My best friend works for an NGO in Afghanistan.

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Sandip stole second base.

Annie has come alone.

You'd hire me, wouldn't you?


Do you need my assistance?

Let's wreck him.

Concerning this computer, it broke a few days ago.


I never thought he was capable of doing something so cruel.

Lee said those were the conditions he had expected.

We're all Canadians.


What was wrong with the old one?

Shari and Chuck will get married next month.

I put on a cap when I go to school.

Do you really believe it?

No, I feel like he's not "pure", but rather "dull".


Laurence walked inside.

He tumbles down all the poor people's chimneys, and fills up the stockings to overflowing.

Acai berries have become popular.

You don't really want to talk about this, do you?

They're not stupid.

Srinivas was talking to himself.

He is taller than his little brother.

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You'd better hold your tongue.


You have helped me so much, I'd like to express my sincere gratitude.

Do I have to change?

You should've tried some of Kathy's homemade pie.


Don't look.


Thanks a lot for the telephone you gave me.

Say hello to your parents from me.

I see Darren every time he comes to Boston.

Detailed maps for this area have not been drawn.

That's a lame excuse.

Do you want to buy it?

I miss my family.


He stood out from the rest of the boys.

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I've never been to Hokkaido.

We are having dinner.

You found me where no one else was looking.

We're talking about you.

We'll visit you.

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She had good reason to file for a divorce.

I'm getting along with my mother-in-law very well.

Were you able to find what you were looking for?

He came late, as is often the case with him.

Have you ever been there?

Naomi plans to go out dancing with Del, doesn't he?

Vinod wrote down his phone number for me.

What a disaster!

He was wearing a mask.


This river is dangerous to swim in July.


I cook, but I don't enjoy it much.


The Royal Palace in Paris was built in 1629 for Richelieu.


Almost every day people loose their life on highway A2.

They said it would lead to civil war.

Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins.


Leung knows a great deal about me.

Let's get ready to cloning.

He came all the way from abroad.


The children called Johan a mama's boy.

Myron is healthy.

Apparently, we'll be getting a raise within two months.

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Will they be moving to Boston?

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Kendo is a Japanese martial art.

Long after you've become inactive, your mistakes, if not corrected, will live on to mislead future users.

I feel confused, but I don't know why.


Women aren't exactly throwing themselves at me.

That man has many debts.

Once upon a time there was a king who had a beautiful daughter.

She helped her brother out with his picture.

They advertised a house for sale.

We have nothing against it.

I hear you're good at tennis.

Thousands of dollars in scholarships go unclaimed each year.

I'm sure he'll be pleased to hear that.


Get him over here.

They haven't slept for forty-eight hours already.

I want to age gracefully.


Without education, we are in a horrible and deadly danger of taking educated people seriously.


I don't care as long as you're happy.

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She drinks herself unconscious every night.


Valerie picked some flowers for Ed.

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Use a wok.

This isn't French.

I was thinking about it.

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Natraj likes reggae.


Luckily, Skip was among the survivors.


I've brought you here to meet Jarmo.

Ginny leaned over to put on his shoes.

We left Africa forever.