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Myth: "It can't happen to my family because of where we live."

Reality: Every state is highly susceptible to at least one category of natural disaster - there are no safe havens. Denial of this reality jeopardizes the safety of your family. Disaster preparedness can prevent a bad situation from becoming worse. Emergencies are manifest in many forms and effective contingency planning can aid in making your family safe. Planning also helps everyone understand what to do should a disaster strike.

Protecting your family during major disaster events

The most disconcerting attribute of disaster events is their manifestation is beyond your control. Fortunately, major events such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, and floods are infrequent - but all too real and the impact on your family can be devastating. More common phenomenon such as a power outage, blizzard, or a severe thunderstorm can be similarly impactful if your family is unprepared. Disaster Services is intended to mitigate the negative consequences of such events. We do this by helping you develop an effective "all hazards" approach to disaster preparation and by providing front-line response support.