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Data Driven, Digital Asset Management

A wallet-first interface for greater insights and better control

State of the art digital analytics, trading and tax data, all in one place

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We are the only Wallet-First Professional-Grade Solution

Get software that helps you get control over your digital assets

Get a valuable, real-time tool to improve your digital asset management

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Seamlessly manage digital wealth

Reduce time and cost. Increase efficiency, oversight and transparency.

The Anchor Digital Compass System™ is a middleware fabric software for the digital economy, providing market tools that benefit participants and enhance market structure.

We are making headway in becoming a mainstream resource in cutting cost of complying with the increasing regulation of digital assets.

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To deliver turnkey solutions that save people time and money. The future of digital asset management is a unified process for trading across major exchanges across the globe, with tools for research, reporting and tax management.

Our Team

Marcus Martin

Chief Executive Officer

Francisco Arias

CTO - Head of Technology

Jason Britton

Chief Financial Officer

Kenny Pavan

Senior Backend Engineer

Yie Ng

UI/UX Designer

Mauricio Villalobos

Web Developer

Michelle Hansen

Senior Project Manager

Terrence Mulry

Public Relations

William Drake

Board Member & Business Development

Kelli Martin

Founding Member

J.R Hadley

Founding Member


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