How many days does a leap year have?

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Today, Tokyo will get very cold.

It is like a criminal to die by sentence of court, but like a general to die fighting with the enemy.

I'm not going to move out.

Merton is one of my favorite authors.

I'm not disconnecting your computers.

I've not started yet.

I no longer live in Boston.

What's your favorite time of day to exercise?

It's like I always thought.

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I'll buy you another one if you want me to.

Tennis is very popular amongst students.

I told him to wear a hat.


Numbers don't stick in your mind, pictures do.

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I won't make that mistake again.

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I've got someone with me.

It was easy for me to do so.

The revised timetable will go into effect on the 5th of this month.

Knut likes classical music, but Trent doesn't.

He finished school in March.

You don't have to make it look so obvious.

Can we talk for a second?

There was a full moon that night.

I wasn't sure what to expect.

Doug said he wasn't ready to talk.

We were expecting Rajeev to be at the party, but he didn't show up.

The bus was ten minutes late.

Should I be worried about him?


I suggest we discuss politics.


How often do you have to see the dentist?

Let's go downstairs for dinner.

Japanese office workers work very hard.

I asked her not to overreact.

I'm not used to staying up so late at night.


I haven't talked to them.

Kory won't be happy if he sees me here.

When I was a young girl, I always wanted to live underwater.

I feel like a rest.

I misspelled the word.

There's nothing that can be done.

Why did you tell him?

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I'd like some unsweetened tea, please.

He did a good deed yesterday: he visited the old woman at the corner of the street.

Everything's coming up roses.

They welcomed her warmly.

Huey's a liar.

When did you open your new store?

Get her out of there.


Automobiles are made in factories.

'Yesterday,' said the priest, 'a boy was born in the poorest house in the village. I named the unlucky little thing "Vassili."

Gunnar is a pretty good tailor.


Kieran is psyched.


John has no friends here.

I would sooner die than get up early every morning.

She plans to write a letter after school.

It's pretty funny.

Naoto is going to have your job.


He earns over 500 dollars a month at that job.


I know you're still mad at me.

Malus's upset.

He conquered Mt. Everest.

Call me if anything changes.

He is trying to convince himself that he can handle it.

The policeman aimed his gun at Naren and yelled, "Hold it right there!"

He blew on the tip of his fingers.

This train stops at every station.

Agatha blamed herself.

I mostly agree with what he said.


I really want him near me.

What a sad story!

Jianyun took Micheal and her daughter home.

Heh, the teacher won't find us here.


I can teach you how to write.


She kept on writing stories about animals.

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Let's get to work!

Tiefenthal can rely on Ramneek to be on time.

Cezanne is famous for his landscapes.

What do you think of this hat?

Donal knows time's running out.

Thanks for walking me home.

Pravin closed his speech with a beautiful song.

Are you through with this book?

She does not like snakes and mathematics.

The parents of these children had each a large wooden box in which they cultivated kitchen herbs for their own use, and a little rose-bush in each box, which grew splendidly.

We were surprised by that news.


Kathryn showed Danny a picture of his children.


Your kidneys are doing fine.


I hate being laughed at.

I'm going to the most expensive hotel I can find.

Hurry up! There's left only a short time for the start of the match.

My dog bit them.

She has a good memory, too.

Anton was badly hurt.

The war was over at the price of many lives.

How old are the children?

She came down with a cold.

Hans said he was ready.

Liz isn't a bad kid.

The light doesn't work.

I love to skate.

Gail was put in a nursing home.

Gunter needs to get to a hospital.

Karen doesn't have a husband.

She asked him to not quit his job.

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He wrote his own name.


Felix looked at Rajarshi in disbelief.

Your party is on line.

I get self-conscious.

I don't think Lucifer eats pork.

Well, I am going to the cinema.

She's tall and gorgeous.

My favorite food is ice cream.

Kyung must be punished for what he did.

Is there somebody else here?

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I thought Moran had red hair.

Do you want to leave tomorrow?

This book is better than any I have ever read.

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Joe is really good at it.

Just imagine traveling to the moon.

I ask a lot of questions.

Now it's your serve.

Tell them what you want to do.

Who's your favorite announcer on CNN?

Manuel's strength is returning.

We have to protect our kids.

Having finished his work, he telephoned his wife.

Whose pizza is that?

It seems like a fair offer.

My older sister takes a shower every morning.

You're very patient, so why are you being so unreasonable about waiting ten more minutes?

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Recently he launched a new business.

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The baby cannot walk yet.

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Mr. Johnson's room was a large room.

I need finality to my affairs.

The concert will probably last three hours.

Martin knows Howard well.

I'm gonna take you there.


Birds flew away at the sound.

I'm afraid that I might make you angry.

In the morning, the pain was excruciating.


Sandra is a member of the NRA.


The majority didn't accept the proposal.

We passed each other several times.

It's either too trite to merit that level of innovation or awkward because the non-standard terminology gets in the way of the meaning.

Could you be more specific?

I never feed my dog raw meat.

Don't tell Kee about it.

I don't know what Roger knows.

Do you think Roxie is in trouble?

Matti is unable to read.

There is a hut at the back of our house.

Have a look at the world map.


I'm still a little mad at you.


After the junction take the motorway.

Clearly, you have feelings for Dana.

All those who made the grade in entering that school could not have done so only by cramming.

The law's on my side.

The air of hills is cooler than that of plains.


Clark told Ramanan to give him a call after dinner.


I was hoping to go fishing today, but something came up.


I'm sure you'll all have a good time at the zoo tomorrow.

Your dream may come true at any moment.

I'm not going to make it to your party.