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This was a great idea.

Who else have you asked?

I was lucky to escape.

Everything's normal.

The next time will be surely better.

What's the minimum salary in Greece?

Kylo is very fast.


You won't be able to see the effects in the first phase.

I took a taxi so that I would be in time for the appointment.

He left his luggage at the station.

Think often talks to himself when he's alone.

Carlos died in his sleep last night.


Jerrie is obviously very popular.

Please tell me what you know about it.

Are you a reporter?

That accident brought home to me the power of nature.

Betsy and Agatha exchanged looks.

How fast she swims!

Kiki admitted that she was scared.

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Mehrdad is living abroad.


This lady is old and crazy.

It's a truly difficult problem to fix.

Harold told me he would be here by 2:30.

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Both my father and my brother are fond of gambling.

You should've seen us.

I don't know how to interpret his words.

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I have arrived at work.

No one would hurt Debbie.

Having travelled back to Warsaw, Zamenhof collected a very cheerful impression of England.


I put a few blueberries in your tea.


They seem to be everywhere.

There's a cat in my house.

Put the knives and forks back in the cupboard.

The car didn't stop.

They don't make much sense.

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Do you really think this will work?

He had difficulty in finding his way to the hotel.

How many people do you know that can speak French?

I used to be like her.

I don't like this camera.

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Even now when I see a terakoya play, I feel somewhat nostalgic.

Cookie is under the table.

He is unconscious of his bad manners.


I feel like I've been reborn.


I've never had Chinese food.


We make much of the changing of the seasons in Japan.


Judith is well off.


Can I have some soda, please?


I studied last night.


Did you pass out?


We're supposed to be helping them.

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Mistakes happen.

Great thoughts come from the heart.

Graham was extremely intelligent.

That's for them.

When I opened the refrigerator, I noticed the meat had spoiled.


What made you think that Woody wouldn't come?


If one does not have a hobby, his life may be desolate.


He is delicate.

They're criminals.

I don't think I care for your tone.

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There is Tokyo.

Marguerite is considered trustworthy.

My sister has been knitting since this morning.

Don't test me.

Classes are over.


How was your meeting?

My grandfather on my mother's side passed away ten years ago.

I haven't seen Xiaowang for a month now; perhaps he's already gone back to his own country.


I ran through the textbook once more before the examination.


I would like to tell you something.

Annie is being rude, isn't he?

I won't give up on our marriage.

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I told you Maureen was ready.

Blake continued digging.

Polly and I are good friends now, but we didn't like each other the first time we met.


Ginny went south and Jakob went north.

I'll have to confiscate your knife.

The children were all ears when I was telling them the story.

Take it easy when exercising.

Marie was sneezing.

I'm going to take some pictures of Vassos.

Would Kerri really do that for us?

It happened that the train was delayed on account of snow.

The students are looking forward to the summer vacation.

She squished a cockroach.

I still have no idea what I'm going to say to Tandy.

I can't bear to see good food going to waste.

I knew there would be something to eat.

An earlier sense of a word need not be its present basic sense.

I like your truck.


She looked at me and said "Hi!"


He is junior to my brother by three years.

I'm Alex. We met last week at the hotel.

Please forgive me for opening your letter by mistake.

Is your wife beautiful?

Micah knows this is a sensitive issue.

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I bumped my knee.

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He flirts with every woman he meets.

You require medical attention.

Our picnic was altogether spoiled by the rain.

Full body scanners were installed at the airport.

He wants an iPad mini.

I'm not taking my eyes off him.

Life has its limits and no matter how I live, I want there to be courage and hope sent to future generations as in, "The Way He Lived."


The sun has not risen yet.

You can't be too careful these days.

Omar doesn't like milk in his coffee.

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I told you not to do that.

He could not walk any further.

The mother has generated a new existence, making the world more and more alive.

It was a vase that my son broke last night.

I thought maybe you could use a hand.


I'll do the same.

There's one thing I hate doing in my life.

Tony hung her grandfather's picture over the fireplace.

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Lida lived for many years in a small Native American village in eastern Nicaragua.

It's never too late.

I ate the thalipeeth.

Patty is going to Boston next month.

Do me a favor and talk to Anderson.

Trent ate a grilled chicken salad.

I don't know how to say exactly what I want to say in French.

That's a mere mistake.

Peige is the person who will finish the work.

He enjoys engaging in macabre activities such as dissecting animal corpses and stalking people on the street at night.

They are not illiterate in the sense that they can not read or write at all.


You should come soon.

You see what I mean?

In a certain Tsardom, across three times nine kingdoms, beyond high mountain chains, there once lived a merchant. He had been married for twelve years, but in that time there had been born to him only one child, a daughter, who from her cradle was called Vasilissa the Beautiful.

I didn't know that babies could have political opinions.

She pushed me away.

It's even worse than I thought.

I knew you wouldn't forget them.


I want to show Norm around town.

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When I woke up this morning, the rain had turned into snow.

If I had money, I'd buy a computer.

There's a spider inside the tent.

I thanked him from the bottom of my heart.

Children are the flowers of our lives.

So altered was the battle-ground, where thousands upon thousands had been killed in the great fight.

My native language is the most beautiful gift from my mother.

In this day and age, it is incredible that people still want to spend years learning some foreign language while they could learn Esperanto in a matter of weeks and broaden their reach to the entire world.

Knut heard everything they said.

A Brasiliense is someone who was born or who lives in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, located in the Federal District, in the central plateau.

I'll pick you up later.

I can't say that I blame you.

I drink coconut water in the morning.

The weather is fine today.

Have you ever tried this dessert?

I'll leave this with you.

Marie might go to the game with Phill.

Neither is beautiful.

Someone might visit you in the big house.


Our plane is flying toward the south.

Stir the soup until it boils.

Lou walked through the metal detector.

I will finish the entire book in four days.

That's where Justin bought it.