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  • Getting to Know Us - A Snapshot

    At its core 4k Software is a company built by a team of IT professionals committed to providing high-quality website and mobile app development services. Our designers and developers have up-to-date knowledge in the current standards of the industry; thus ensuring that websites and mobile apps delivered are always compatible with today’s technology.

Web App Development

4k Software creates websites for individuals or businesses using a combination of tools like Bootstrap and Laravel. These websites are made with present design standards in mind; they are responsive, fast to load, and boasts sleek designs.

Mobile App Development

Our experienced team of Android and iOS developers make mobile applications suited for various uses and are guaranteed to work on most hardware.

Work together

We are always on the lookout for passionate smart people to work with. If you are a designer, product guy or developer, then don't hesitate to get in touch. Anywhere in the world is welcome!

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The Team

We’re the people behind 4ksoftware- our diverse backgrounds in IT enable us to provide you with quality services and training so you’ll have the edge you need to break into the industry. Our combined skillset includes Web application development, iOS/Android application development and digital multimedia arts.

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Jearson is knowledgeable in all aspects of website development, his skills in PHP using Laravel MVC framework and Unit Testing makes him a valuable asset to the 4ksoftware team as a backend developer. He specializes in creating RESTFUL APIs and Testing.

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Karl is a well-rounded technology enthusiast whose university team successfully won the 2015 Android Masters challenge - a collegiate inter-school Android app development challenge. His expertise include the utilization of Laravel MVC framework with Lumen/Laravel API integration for web and android application development.

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Jules is a programmer already competent in R, Ruby on Rails, Python, Apple’s Swift for iOS development, and Java for Android programming; his curiosity and drive enable him to quickly learn concepts and be at the forefront of new, emerging technologies.

Our Work

4k Software has produced numerous websites and mobile applications used for various purposes around the world.

Citizens Crime Chase

This Android app started as a school project and its main purpose is to enable people to report crimes they witness to the police as quickly as possible. Crime Chase blends great use of tech with social responsibility and the result is an award-winning app that has no aim other than help make people safer wherever they go in the Philippines. It is the winner of the very first Android Masters competition in 2015, a Google-sponsored contest between IT and Computer Science students from all over the Philippines. Crime Chase has been featured in various publications such as CNN Philippines and the University of the Cordilleras’ news portal. It has also been featured in a segment of ABS-CBN Northern Luzon.

Kourse Online Video Platform

4k Software is committed not only to providing website and mobile application services but also to enabling people to do these things on their own. Kourse is a sample learning platform that is designed to bring teachers and students together for online lessons in IT, Management, and other tracks created in the system. Lessons are created by instructor profiles who may even be part of a larger institution who partner up with 4ksoftware. Prospective students may choose free training programs, subscribe to a whole course, or pay on a subscription basis (monthly/yearly). Instructor accounts in turn get paid depending on how many students are signed-up for their respective course. Lessons are delivered to students via the Kourse website and its Android or iOS app.

Complaint Compass

This web application is developed for companies who want to use a streamlined customer-complaint management system. Complaint Compass helps receive, store, retrieve, and process complaints efficiently. Developed as a University capstone project, its flexible design enables it to be customized to a specific company’s needs. Complaint Compass simplifies the process of filing a complaint and as well as organizing and managing complaints for companies that wants a centralized way of dealing with customer complaints through a database driven web application

The Training Ground East London

This web application is a content management system with an online audio platform and user management system. Users enrolled to the training ground will have an account where they could log in and view the documents and audio per seminar. The training ground admin could create courses and seminars within that course, as well as upload a document and audio per seminar.

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