Would you please help me with this?

Lynne's phone number is very easy to remember.


Dan didn't even offer Linda a cup.


He's stupid sometimes!


Does that sound likely to you?

This lack of responsibility is driving me crazy.

Marnix might arrive a couple of hours before Hurf does.

That explains everything.

Esperanto is blatantly Eurocentric.

Did they repair the watch?

You could sleep in the hammock.

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If the weather is fine, we will go for a trip to the countryside tomorrow.

I have to buy some medicine for Sundar.

I think we should send Stevan to a private school.

Some humans believe that there exists a god who is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent.

I don't think this armchair is comfortable.

Can't you see Philip is trying to help you?

I found this bottle when I was walking on the beach this morning.


A sharp crack of thunder split the sky.


Kimberly doesn't have any friends he can talk to about this.

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Brenda makes his own decisions.

Can you sing any American folk songs?

I really needed Rob there.

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Knut is looking forward to the midterm break.


I had met her many times before then.

This watch costs 10 000 CFA francs.

I never said that.

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My son is way too skinny.

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We feel at ease.

What are you doing out at this time?

Do you know what's in this box?

Don't worry about the baby.

I feel terrific.

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The suspected rapist was taken into custody.

There's no way to know how much that will cost.

On the table were a bottle of champagne and two glasses.

We discussed the matter.

Sugih had a slight smile on his face.

Pam played a few tunes on the piano.

The mellow sounds of the Rhodes piano are partly responsible for thousands of accidental conceptions.

You should drink about two liters of water every day.

He who hits my dog, doesn't really love me either.


I was disappointed when I heard that you couldn't come.

I'm not at all scared.

It's not something that could ever happen.

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You might want to go there by yourself.

Cary broke up with her two days later.

Jeannette stopped stretching.

Some commentators regard Britain's departure from the European Union as a foregone conclusion.

How do I get to the airport?

No one thinks that way anymore.

The two scholars argued for hours about biblical hermeneutics.

One of my tires blew out coming down here.

Let's see what you have there.

Stop playing games, Sjouke. I want my money!

I wish I could go with you, but as it is, I can't.

What are you doing back there?

I'll be back in two hours.


I was really satisfied.


He is an archeologist's assistant.

Stop bothering Kamiya.

Edmond was afraid to tell his parents.

I just want a fresh start.

Don't you dare ask them that.

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She cleared the table of the dishes after dinner.

Tait should be back by now.

Aliens are often depicted with dark, almond-shaped eyes.

It's just another day.

That made Monty pretty mad.

We'll miss you terribly.

No systematical study in economy assumes solidarity.

I'm supposed to see him.

What day of the week is it?


I'll leave when Johnathan gets here.

You're holding my hand in the photo.

That looks close.

Rodger is allergic to nuts.

I want to see that again.

I'll be fine, don't worry.

There are two categories of verbs in the Uyghur language - primary and auxiliary.


You can't do this alone and still meet the deadline.

We have made an effort to quote our most competitive price.

So, Shankar, are you doing anything tonight?


He made a lot of money in his new business.

I was about to go out when he called on me.

Sharada and Murray both work eight hours a day.

The old woman has no one to help her.

Hopefully you can rest and relax on the flight home.

Kristian knew why Samuel went to Boston.

This is an orange.

Is there any other way out of here?

I might arrive in Kashgar or somewhere thereabouts tomorrow.

I don't want to do anything tonight.

They blocked his proposal.

It's easy to say, but it's not easy to do.

In Japan, practically every family has a washing machine.

Give it up for him.

My heart bleeds for you.

I wonder what will happen.

But why did they do it?


It would be great if we could meet again.

I'm very poor.

Bradford said he was planning to wear a black tuxedo.

You're under arrest for the murder of Louis Jackson.

After conferring for several hours, they made the agreements public.


Radek wasn't always this way.

"Er, Karin ..., shouldn't we call it a night soon?" "No! No quitting while ahead! Next time I'll win for sure!"

How long are they?

Gregory and Erick were snuggled up to each other and Roderick was whispering something into Phill's ear.

They close their eyes.


You have to stay awake.


As usual, I mispronounced words and broke my sentences up in the wrong places.


I milked one.

We amused ourselves playing cards.

Bob filled the teapot with water.

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They refused to fight.

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"I have a lot of cooking to do for the party." "I'll help."

I'll meet you down at the station tomorrow.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

He's not responding to my texts.

What a kind boy he is!

Will the rabbits know how to swim?

How would you help Conrad?


You'd better listen to me.

We are going to talk in a little while.

Actually it isn't a theory of mine.

By the time our mother came, we had cleaned our room.

How did you get to be so strong?

A tall man went off from there in a hurry.

This disturbs him.

It is sometimes hard to choose between dreams and reality.

Japan has enjoyed prosperity since the war.

Old people have two great advantages: they no longer have a toothache, and they don't hear all the nonsense that is said around them.

Johnnie isn't trying to impress anyone.

It is not possible to not breathe and bathe at the same time.

We have no more right to say a rude thing to another than to knock him down.

This is so delicious. It's like sex in my mouth.

He attributed his failure to bad luck.


I need your support.

We need you here.

He hit big in NBC's 'Saturday Night Live'.

She won't listen to a word I say.

I'm not going to buy one of those, at least not yet.

Svante only speaks French with his parents.

Sometimes I need my father.


He always looked happy, but never was.

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I make it a rule to get up early in the morning.


She always looks pale.

The city always glows, lamps replace the sun. Its panorama ornaments the profound horizon.

I wanted to be with him and that is why I left my friends from the background.

I had no difficulty in finding his house.

What are we going to do for lunch?


I was too hasty in concluding that he was lying.

How many grade four kanji have you memorised?

You bought bread.

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I brought you the wrong screwdriver.


Would you like some of those pictures?

I wish you nothing but the very best.

I'm waiting for your reply.


I will not add sentences in Russian.


It can only be her.

I'm sure Malloy can speak French.

I like walking in the woods.