I'm not blaming you, Ping.

Mr Koizumi is really full of himself.

I don't agree with the premise of your argument.

That program is still far from perfect.

How did I get into this?

I can not but admit the truth of your remarks.

If you'd come back when you were told to, we wouldn't have had a problem.

She was red like a tomato.

We're planning to discuss that problem at tomorrow's meeting.

This story sounds very unlikely to me.

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He is the only American who has swum the English Channel.

How optimistic are you?

Robin came into the room, followed by John and Monty.

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He rises above the rest of mankind.

Don't bother me any more!

Careless as she was, she could never pass an examination.


I got called out to work.

Tao is cleverer than me.

I am going to New York next week.

You're shameless.

Anybody can try.

They had to strive against natural calamities for ages.

Social networks enable men to revive their instinct of pack hunters, like hyena.

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Phiroze dropped in on Darin last night.

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Who exactly were they?


I've decided to accept the job offer.

I would just as soon stay at home as go to the party.

Sedovic is middle class, isn't he?

This hotel has a gym and a swimming pool.

This bus will take you to the station.

It's Tatoeba.

This dog doesn't bite.

Is there, for example, a three-course meal that conveys sin, punishment, and redemption?

She was my best friend at that time.


I've been debating whether I should mention it or not.

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I just wish I knew why this keeps happening.


I'd like to think that's true.

I'm Natsuko.

How fast is your internet connection?

Do you want me to get that for you?

You need to write more neatly.

I'll never forget this incident.

I think what impressed me most was the way Malaclypse could talk to just about anyone.

I hope it will rain soon!

Is your left leg still hurting.


You have nice legs.

This is just.

Louise is my bodyguard.

She may be able to answer the question.

He who seeketh horse or wife without flaws, may forsake his work and bear in mind that bed and stable forever empty he will keep.

You're big.

You're ugly... but I love you.


Donn kept checking his watch.

I like Varda and Harris a lot.

They must be hungry.


Horses are animals.

Grace rarely talks about himself.

My grandfather suffers from hypertension.

A deep sadness overcame me.

There is a conference going on in the next room.

An ideal pillow is available from a mail-order house.

What precisely are you doing?

It's my passion.

She is a clear-headed.

He thought it over, and decided not to go.

Joe would like to know the reason why Kerry isn't here.

Forming a cabinet is difficult.

Our youth we can have but to-day, we may always find time to grow old.

I just got Darin to sleep.

Yes, you're right.

I had my hat blown off by the wind.

Love is never wasted.

Triangles don't have four angles.

That shouldn't be hard.

He travelled under an assumed name.

She acts like she knows everything.

The tall man wears a black suit.

What color will you paint the kitchen?

We're in third place.

Did you like the book?

Sriram told Philip to wait a minute.

We could get caught.

Excuse me. What time is the next train to Taejon?

I have a mindfulness meditation practice.

"We have to do this now." "There's no time."

Which way is Myrick's room?

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I'm unable to function alone.


Satisfied, he smiled.

I nearly fell off the cliff.

After a while, corn flakes in milk will become soggy.


I destroyed everything.

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Piet taught at Harvard.

Ralf enjoyed himself at the party.

That was Micky, wasn't it?


It was a disappointing loss.

He was covered all over with white paint.

A few minutes more, and I'll be ready.

There's no need to add wood to the campfire.

He was all the more angry because she wasn't in the least sorry.

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It's urgent that I see them.

Pieter wanted Thierry to go to the post office for him.

I've heard that it's impossible to sound like a native speaker unless one starts speaking the language before the age of twelve.


Tell her about your trip.

He is a good boy, and he is strong.

In French, adjectives agree in gender and number with the noun they qualify.


Marla is sitting in his car.

I don't care for flowers very much.

That will be ten dollars.

The judge said that the case was outside of his jurisdiction.

I will be late.

The children soon became attached to their new teacher.

Is she a friend?

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They did not manage to keep it up in the second half.

This is the window broken by John.

Studies have revealed that the average keyboard has more germs than a toilet seat.

To give up smoking was the hardest thing I've done in my life.

I'm not dumb! I'm dyslexic.

He is much taller than I am.

My father was, I think, a little drunk then.

I wish I could speak English as fluently as you.

Vistlik was badly beaten up.

I tried to pretend I was something I wasn't.

My dad goes out for a walk every morning.

Toufic stayed at home all afternoon.

The chair is far from the door.


Per's words came back to bite him.


Where does she cook?

The steam shovels dug down three stories on one side and four stories on the other side.

The rain fell relentlessly all day long.

George is highly intelligent.

I saw Danielle die.

He must work hard.

You need to help him.


Dave has a lot of good qualities.

I think Audrey is in the garden.

I'm just trying to help out.

I'm not accountable to you for my conduct.

The kids started crying.


When are you starting your new job.

Remington spent several months in Havana.

He will return from Europe soon.

You have to make your own bed here.

All that you have to do is to follow his advice.


The autumn is here.


I'm going to report you.

She looked up at Jimmy briefly.

My mother cooks well.


Mehrdad doesn't hate you, Petr.

Raphael comes from the upper middle-class.

When will it suit you to start?


It only happened once.


Nick has a poor sense of direction.

We helped Irfan weed the garden.

Jeff has begun studying French.

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Are you feeling confident?

My girlfriend is pregnant and she wants to keep the baby.

Has my roommate been decided?

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Harmon has denied the allegation.

Could you talk to Kiki for me?

It is true that he is ill.


Naim asked a few questions that Lucifer didn't want to answer.

They made many charges.

She has fair skin and hair.

I'll be busy all next week.

Don't talk around it.


My mother-in-law gives me the creeps.