I've never seen you do anything like this before.

You spend too much time worrying about things that don't matter.

Marci is a big fan of theirs.

Sergiu broke down and told the police everything.

I'll tell her the truth.

Do you have this in my size?

Not being heard is no reason for silence.

I told her not to tell anyone.

Indeed she is not beautiful, but she is good-natured.

When I regained consciousness, I was in the hospital.


It belongs to me now.


Yaaaawn... I'm going to bed.

This room is a mess.

Very good. How are you?

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She eventually got into the bad habit of smoking.

Dioxin is very dangerous.

Stephanie didn't sleep well last night.

How could you miss that?

I play the piano a little.


They have really good food there.

I'll leave it in your hands.

This page contains technical information that might be useful when you're trying to solve a problem.

Let's get that one.

Life in society requires communication.


Language and culture can't be separated.


Cyrus and Les aren't at all compatible.


A big ship appeared on the horizon.


He has just come here by taxi.


Your son is quite grown up now.

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We have nothing at all in common.

His house is beyond the hill.

What you did was illegal.

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They accept students like Oscar.


The criminal disclosed all the facts of the case eventually.

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Do you know the real reason Hillary isn't here?


Val expects too much of Ram.

Those girls are prostitutes.

Getting nowhere.

I'd like to ask one or two questions myself.

I cannot praise them too highly.

You should work hard so that you can pass any exam you take.

There are no printers here.

Isn't it time for you to leave?

I don't like it when you get mad.

Is there anybody in the house?

Where did you come up with the idea that I'm familiar with robotics and such I wonder?


I lived for more than a month in Nagoya.


I don't take it personally.

I didn't realize you didn't have a driver's license.

We're in college.

He tried to get me to help him.

Stacy heard a noise in the next room.

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Virtue and vice.

Jill knew better than to ask Cristi what she thought.

The news isn't good.

I'll tell you when I see you.

Wade let me in.


She would do anything for you.

The traveler was delighted at the sight of a light in the distance.

How could Sheila do a thing like that?

Where did you have the suit made?

You need to get her to listen.

They look similar in some ways.

I really liked them.

I didn't know you were going to be here.

We cut off the rope.


Damon tried to push the door open.

I was waiting for the bus at that time.

Vacation? What's that?

What's down there?

Now we really are relatives.

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He acted like a lunatic.

She favors quiet colors.

Please don't jump.

There's an osteopathic clinic near the library.

I'm a married man.

We will like it.

We should go.

Strange that he knows nothing on this subject.

I wouldn't drive, I'd walk.

I'm not home yet because I didn't take the bus.

Bernie would punch and kick his son for just any reason.


What time and where exactly shall we meet?

Do you think there's any chance Lance will be able to find Ted?

That's mostly right.

I don't know how to persuade Stewart to go with us.

He shouted defiance at me.

Everyone is trying his best.

The baby cried all night.

He managed to get himself promoted last week.

Your sudden appearance has surprised me.


I recognized your voice right away.

Dick is sensitive, isn't he?

The rest of the sentence after "Hello" should be italicized.


That was a really big mistake.

At seven I'll be back.

Fletcher isn't as tall as his brother.

Maybe it would be better if I were to just stay inside. Who wants to go out when the weather's like this?

I thought I could trust you.

We want to remain like this.

I'd like to buy a present for my son. Do you have any good ideas?

Nobody likes to work with Anna.

My parents told me that I was adopted when I was thirteen.

It was just an idea.

I got shampoo in my eyes and it hurts.


She's no spring chicken. She's at least thirty.

Horst is still pretty shook up.

Can you stop talking loudly on the phone at night?

We saw that as our forever love.

I'm moving the rock.

Alberto looked at his compass.

Kinch has already been convicted.


It was this hospital that I visited last month.

He is suffering from an aggravated disease.

I was excited.

We have to use the stairs, because the elevator is being repaired.

Ken believed Cathrin.

Jesper went to Boston without telling us.

The stars seem dim because of the city lights.

Is it a real tattoo?

I usually wake up at six o'clock.


You can't treat the class as a whole, but must pay attention to each member.

Don't expect anything original from an echo.

What do you think about the future?

Women are not a minority.

I love hearing lies when I know the truth.

Kate came home by bus.

We're going to be late for the game.


She was surprised to hear the news.

We can wait.

You might want to glance at this.

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I think we have to tell him.

There's no way Arthur could've done this without help.

Jeanne talked Pratap into buying a new computer.

We should probably ask Ninja.

Tell me about your holiday plans.

Give me your arm.

Get Juergen to help you.

You must have dropped them.

This is a new model.

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We'll get it back from them.

I'd like to hear that from Jason.

Half the pool was cordoned off for use by lap swimmers.


Georges Lemaitre, a Belgian astrophysicist and Catholic priest, came to be known as the "Father of the Big Bang".

They answered their teacher's question with difficulty.

He doesn't listen to his teachers.

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We must find it.

Is that an area you are familiar with?

I don't need your help, but you need mine.


I wish I could speak English as fluently as you!


Shaw didn't want to go to Boston.

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I hope you come to my lecture.


When he smiled, the children saw his long, gray teeth.

You need to apologize.

What on earth are you looking for?


Dorian began to panic.


Let's take a break and drink some tea.

Lanny abandoned his car that had run out of gasoline and started walking.

Piete knew why Wilmer slapped John.

You probably don't want Juergen to do that.

I never thought of that.

If I were you, I'd stay out of sight for quite a while.

How long are you going to stay in Boston?