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Meeting Life Challenges and Asking for Help

How do you respond to challenges in your life?

I’m sure we’ve all had times when we couldn’t see our way out of an unpleasant situation. Perhaps we’ve had times when we lost sight of why we’re here, when we asked ourselves “What’s the point?” We lost faith in life and wallowed in self-pity and despair, desperate for something to change. We may have even fallen into a deep depression or hit our rock bottom, our dark night of the soul. I certainly have.

These are the times when we fall to our knees, literally for some, and ask for help. From God, the Universe, our Higher Self. Even if we don’t believe in God or a higher power, we find ourselves asking some unknown person or unseen ‘power’ for help. Some call this prayer.

No one escapes life challenges.

It’s often in this time of desperation when we make a decision, conscious or not, to stop our struggle. We give in. We throw in the towel. We let go of trying to control our situation whether that’s our relationships, finances, health or life in general. And when we surrender, something amazing happens. We find peace. Our prayers are answered. We don’t always get the outcome we were hoping or asking for, yet somehow that’s okay. We’re okay. Our situation changes, or at least our perspective of it changes. This change can seem minor at first, yet it has a profound effect on us.

Changing perspective on life challenges

I plummeted to my rock bottom in 2007. I’d had enough of struggling in this life. I prayed to the Universe for an end to my suffering. In my mind, this meant I would leave this earth. I wanted to die. Instead, my prayer was answered in the form of an angel showing up in my life. An angel in human form. An angel called Joy. The Universe has a great sense of humour, doesn’t it? I was depressed and they sent me someone called Joy – how appropriate!

Joy helped me start to clear the dark thunderstorm-cloud of depression that clung to me like cling wrap distorting my view of the world. However, it was my deeper surrender three years later when I asked ‘to be free to be me’ that the real miracles showed up in my life.

I gave up my need to try to control things. Emotionally and mentally, I was stuck in the wrongness and unfairness of life, the perceived injustices stemming from my childhood. In a way, I had been trying to change my past. When I surrendered and asked for help, things changed very quickly. My life transformed within a couple of weeks.

IMG_2955SQ-lowLetting go of the need to ‘be in control’ has been one of my greatest life challenges. Like most life challenges, this need was conceived from core wounding in my childhood. The shock of being told my Mum had died when I was nine and the feeling of intense sadness and helplessness that this sparked, igniting a fear of the uncertainty of life. The unconscious memory of losing my Dad when I was two. The painful memories of living with an abusive and controlling step-father for another eight years after my Mum died. The fear and lack of safety held deep in my body; the anger and resentment for what happened to me.

I believed the only way I could feel safe and free, and not be controlled by others, was if I was the one controlling things. I became the controller. This was my coping mechanism, one I adopted at a young age to keep me safe.

It wasn’t until my surrender in 2010 that I understood I didn’t need to control situations in order to feel free or safe. The freedom I was seeking was only found after surrendering control. This all seemed about face to my logical mind. In order to gain freedom, I had to first relinquish control. In order to feel a degree of safety, I had to first feel vulnerable. 

Old habits die hard as the saying goes and I still find myself slipping back into old patterns of behaviour where I feel I need to be in control. I now recognise this for what it is, an old program I’m running. A program I can change. I can choose to upgrade to a new program. I notice it without judging it as bad, or me as wrong. Because I’m aware of it, I have the opportunity to change it.

Allowing things to unfold as they are meant to, is another piece of the puzzle. Or it could be seen as the other side of the same coin of surrender. Allowing ourselves to feel our feelings without judging them, denying them, pushing them away or without needing to fix them is part of life. It’s part of accepting what is. Allowing our feelings to be there without trying to control them, is liberating. It is only through this allowance, that we find peace. What we resist, persists. When we resist our feelings or anything in our life we regard as unpleasant or unwanted, we suffer. Pain and suffering is caused by resistance. Surrendering and allowing ‘heals’ the suffering.

IMG_2967lowSQMy words of wisdom, born from learning from my ‘mistakes’ (not that there are any mistakes) are don’t wait until you hit your rock bottom before you ask for help. Don’t wait until you feel your life is not worth living. Ask for help now. We all have a team of guides and helpers in the unseen realms who are eagerly waiting for us to ask for their assistance.

Surrender today.

Ask your angels for guidance, allow them to help you. Whether you need help with little things like finding your keys or a car park, or you want guidance with bigger life issues like your health or relationships, ask now. Ask the Angels for help. You can do it on your own or I can help you.

After you ask the angels for help, you need to be quiet and listen for their guidance. Be open to receiving. Quieten your mind to allow the messages to come in. Go for a walk in nature, relax in the bath, sit in meditation or notice what new ideas pop into your head while you’re doing the dishes or ironing. Through these meditative practices, you are allowing the angels to communicate with you. Notice what’s different. Look for signs and symbols – song lyrics, repetitive numbers, thoughts or ideas that just pop into your head. Be open to receiving messages. Expect and believe your prayer will be answered. Be open to whatever messages the angels are showing you, without the need to control the outcome or to only get the answer you expect.

If you’d like help with clearing your body and its subtle energy field so you can hear your answers and be open to receiving all of life’s miracles, I can help with an Angel Healing. This is like a tune-up for your body. During this session, I’ll channel a personalised message for you from your angels. Their guidance is always gentle and loving and they can help you in any area of your life.

Are you ready to live a life guided by angels?



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