This is a good house.

Clarissa kept on flirting with him.

He built a fence around his house.

The station is near here. You'll be in time for the train.


We're all armed.


I never learned to play tennis.

I don't like living in the country.

Roberta is coming here for Thanksgiving.

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We're doing the very best we can.

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In harmony with truth.

It would be wonderful if you could sing at our wedding.

Loren isn't the sort to apologize to anyone.


Prince Charles has big ears.

Do you know how to speak English?

We have what we deserve.

Why should we believe you?

Malloy came out of his room.


You have to use the money wisely.

He has given us useful knowledge.

Holly took a bottle of pills out of his pocket.


We all hated him.

The children took their ice skates and made for the frozen pond.

I have to call him.


Strike Valerie's name off the list.

He avenged the murder of his father.

How do you intend to do that?


He decided to rent his property to that company.

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I think you ought to rest a while.

Do you have one?

The section chief said out of the blue: "Women and meat, I like them a little rotten".


You're one of them too, aren't you?!

I feel pretty comfortable here.

"Who, and what are you?" Scrooge demanded. "I am the Ghost of Christmas Past."

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That's what I want to talk to you about.

I wonder if you'd mind giving me an autograph.

Robbin underestimated Juri.

Joshua gave the flashlight to Brad.

Gary couldn't help but listen.


They serenaded him in celebration of his 50. birthday.

I went through my money in a very short time.

Becky never wanted to do anything we asked him to do.

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You'd better come, too.

I would be interested in that.

Rich is secretive, isn't he?

Please remain seated until the aircraft arrives at the gate.

How far did Manny get?

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Ritsuko is something of an authority on the subject.

A computer's electronics are very complex.

I'll take Evan there myself.


We spent all evening dancing together.

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This ought to be simple.


They were forced to withdraw.

She visited Boston.

I am on the side of democracy.

Violets and lavenders do not need much sunlight; they grow better in the shade.

Of the two stories, the latter story is better.


Catherine stayed indoors because it was raining.

What would you have told them?

I can't stand.

Has anybody spoken to Marek?

Look at me when I'm talking to you!

I don't think they dislike me.

I really want to impress them.

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The detector has detected something, but I don't know what it is.

Stop here.

I'll mail these letters on the way to school.


Dismissing the frightened servant, Mara went alone into the room and closed the door.

This may be your last chance.

My dream is to make it as an actor in Hollywood.

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It was really no problem.


Carolyn and his classmates are going to an art museum tomorrow afternoon.

I can't help you today.

The Milky Way is over 100,000 light-years wide.

Was the door closed?

You're the one with all the money.

Harry has a reservation at this hotel.

Why is it that you start speaking to me in English each and every time? Because I'm a foreigner?

I assume you don't want this.

Gerunds are very funny.

How safe is Brazil?

I gave it to the little boy.


Would you please repeat what you just said?

I'm going to speak to him.

I like dogs a lot.

You seem to have the wrong number.

You make my job easy.

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Takayuki plans to play poker with us tomorrow evening.


Two's company, but three's a crowd.


I hope Skip remembered to shave.

Her son's death broke Sehyo's heart.

Crime is down.


I have no fear of flying.

Did you get a beer?

I waited for her to speak.

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My son isn't the only one who enjoys eating her cooking.

I want them put in prison.

That dog looks very wasted.

"I don't like carrots." "Neither do I."

Duncan pushed Antonio into the room and closed the door.

I told you to do it.

On Saturday night and all day Sunday, my mobile rang incessantly, as a mortified Piotr tried to apologize.

We can't just fire him.

We should've realized that Ning needed our help.

It's too late to help her.

Pierette has a deadline to meet.

I have some rather bad news.

Call the police in an emergency.

Morris has the biggest clitoris I've ever seen.

You need more experience for this job.

You should carry out your promises.

He has lived here since he was five years old.


You owe her an apology.

I don't like being all alone.

All my hope is gone.

My head doesn't ache anymore.

What a beautiful morning for fishing!

He helped me to get changed.

I don't understand what it is that you're trying to say, but I like it!

The shop stays open all day.

That's totally understandable.

Something must've happened to change Coleen's mind.

He spied on her while she was bathing.

They adopted my point of view.

The situation left him perplexed.

This is obscene.

This is not my idea of a quiet vacation.

Kimberly is very upset with Po.

She played tennis all day yesterday.

I don't have the number.

About a thousand tons of flour are exported every year.


This hill commands a very fine view.

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I think that he wants to buy a new dictionary.

This is the temple where he stays.

Let's ease up.

Do you want me to come back?

Iceland used to belong to Denmark.


I sell a new umbrella.


Can I take it?

I want to apologize to everyone here.

Who benefited from that?

I'll get it myself.

I never thought I'd find him.

Where are we going anyway?

Miek wasn't wearing a lifejacket.


They're average students.

I'd like it in a brighter color.

Some fluid is leaking into our office.

Sho is washing the dishes.

I helped Tony.

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They didn't like the movie.

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You worry too much about her.


The man must have succeeded in business by virtue of his efforts.

He is admired as a writer.

They caught her.

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How shall we find it?

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Give me the tickets.

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Michel wants very much to see you.

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Tracey is accustomed to working hard.