Getting out of your old rig has never been easier!

Get an offer on your truck within 24 hours!! Simply answer a few questions about your truck, upload up to 12 photos and just like that in less then 10 minutes you’re done!  Our team works hard to streamline the purchasing process.  In many cases we will get you the money in less then 48 hours after a purchase agreement has been made. Our buying process is efficient, fast, and done in a transparent way like never before. Experience a truly easy hassle free selling transaction with us!

How It Works

Simply answer a few questions about your truck, upload up to 12 photos of your truck. We then look over the information assess your photos and make you an offer based on current market trends.

Once you receive our offer to purchase your truck, You will have up to 30 days to make a decision. Generally we will respond to you with a purchase offer within 48 hours.

Once you agree to sell us your truck we will make arrangements to make a final inspection, proof of documentation that you own the vehicle, arrange to get the truck to our location and wire you money or give you a certified check.

Selling you truck can be a real pain, meeting potential buyers fielding tons of calls from people asking redundant questions, taking time out of your week to show it to a guy only to find out he can not buy it for one reason or another. All these things are extremely frustrating and we know you have other things to do and that is the exact reason we created BigRigBuyOut.com

Now you can sit in the comfort of your office or home, Heck you can even do it from your smart phone in your truck while taking a break. It only takes a few minutes and just like that your truck is as good as sold if you decided to sell it to us.
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