XMLOC Localization Framework

XMLOC is an XML translation application that allows you to translate your application's XML files via machine translation or pseudo-localization. It's currently free and it's a project for the CSUF Masters program for Paulo de Oliveira.

An easy way to get your XML files translated into multiple languages with post-editing and pseudo-localization capabilities

XML parsing

Upload your well-formed XML files and they'll be displayed in a user-friednly way so that you can select which elements of the file you wish to translate.


Machine translation

With XMLOC you can choose from 7ifferent languages and have your XML nodes and attributes translated to any of those languages. After translation, you can edit each translation and quickly regenerate the files and reiterate on the process as often as needed. Before spending time and money with real translation you can have a great idea of how your localized application will look like.



With XMLOC you can also choose to perform pseudo-localization on your files and ine specific settings like increase in size of the strings and delimiting characters. This is very useful for localizability testing of your application.


Editing of MT

You can use machine translation for an initial translation, edit the translation and re-generate the translated XML files bypassing the machine translation engine. Your translations can be shared among all files in your project.


No config files

Parsing of your XML files is done in a visual manner and on the fly. Your parser settings for each file are stored for future use with the same or a different language set.


Ease of use

XMLOC has a simple and easy to use interface that allows for quick navigation. Upload, parse and translate a file in seconds!