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What is Reiki?

Reiki means Spiritually-Guided Life Force Energy. It is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and deep relaxation.

About Me

I am a Level Two Usui Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner. I can send you Distance Reiki, no matter where you are.

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Client Feedback

Real feedback from real clients.

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I thoroughly enjoyed my distance Reiki session with Karen! She prepared me ahead of time for what to expect, explained how I could get the most out of my experience, and followed up with me afterwards.

I felt calm, and felt a tingling sensation as Karen was working on each one of my chakras, which amazed me since I am in Michigan, and she was working on me from Nevada. I was so relaxed, that I even fell asleep towards the end of my session. Karen was able to pinpoint an area of my body that was currently aggravated from an old injury.

Person 1



I absolutely loved my experience with Karen giving me reiki. I slept better at night & felt more calm. It gave me a sense of peace.

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Karen has a very light and loving aura, which is extremely helpful when receiving Reiki from her. I've received Reiki both in person and via distance healing (generally when I'm in emotional/mental turmoil and feel that I need more support). Every single session with her feels very comforting, no matter the situation. I've even received Reiki from her in the middle of the day, and it has truly helped me get back up and keep on going. Thank you so much for being a wonderful healer and friend! Much love and light!