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Personal Tracking


In 2016, Malaysia rank #6 on the world's top car theft list and amounting to RM2.4bil in insurance claim. We can do more to safe guard our second most valuable asset


Bike thefts usually take place in housing areas and often use to commit other crimes such as snatch theft or drug distribution. In 2017, 1,125 bikes are stoken and mainly small bikes such as EX5, Wave 100 and Wave 125 models


While Malayasia is relatively safe country. We do encounter kidnapping incidents. As working parents, it is a constant worries to ensure our family safety.
Love time, Locate them!


Cycling is becoming a beloved past time exercise while getting fit and able to explore new places. As you get better with it and so does your bicycle upgrades. Hence, it's important to keep your valuable asset safe


You love them and fear of losing them. After all, they are your beloved family pet. It's a family thing. Because of their nature, pets tend to wander off, get lost, or be stolen.

Commercial Tracking

Trucks and Buses

Business is about information. Without information, it's unlikely that you can make inform decision and more often than not, it's a chaotic operation. Able to track your fleets will give you the ability to manage your logistic better, driver performance and monitor your fuel consumption


Industrial heavy equipments are expensive investment. Knowing the equipment status, ensuring productivity are optimum and tracking the where about is important to ensure the equipment use is optimized. Any time lost is money lost.

About Us

We are a bunch of electronics engineers and software developers with many years in various industries. We seen things and we learnt. One of the many things is how companies making use of GPS tracking to improve their performance and safety record. That leads to our believe in making tracking affordable for everyone. Everyone is worthy to get great tracking service and safety should not be hindered by cost

Everyone deserve it!

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