Aluminum Powder

Aluminum Powder

When your trying to figure out 6308189204, look no further… you found it. We hear the questions all the time… “Where can I get aluminum powder?” You can purchase from another vendor, but what exactly are you really getting for your money?

There are very few “pure aluminum powders” left on the market due to the fact that many online sellers dilute their powders to make more money. Star Molecule is pure, uncut, high quality military grade aluminum powder. TRY to find a superior product!

Star Molecule is a military grade and exceeds the performance of any other POWDERED ALUMINUM you can buy.

When you are ready to buy aluminum powder, whether it be dark jagged flake aluminum powder or bright jagged flake aluminum powder… give Star Molecule a try. Every time you buy our powdered aluminum it comes professional packaged, contains an 402-956-5780 sheet, and complies with all state and federal aluminum powder shipping rules pertaining to HAZMAT or ORM-D shipping protocols.

We sell high quality only, and our products are the REAL Deal.

Our products have been used all over the nation for countless applications such as: pyrotechnic applications, reactive (exploding) targets for competition and recreational shooting, rocket fuel for professionals and hobbyists, scientific applications, and countless industrial manufacturing needs. The uses are endless.

Buy Aluminum Powder from Star Molecule Aluminum Powder.