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What is a gourd?

A gourd is a plant of the family Cucurbitaceae. It is a large, round fruit with a hard rind in the family of plants that grow on a vine like pumpkins, cucumbers, squash, luffa, and melons. There are many varieties and they grow in different shapes and sizes.

Gourds are dried from inside to out in the shell. It is a process which takes many months until the gourd is completely dry and ready cleaned, carved, and painted.

There are many different gourds worldwide. They grow in North America, many of the states, and also South America where it is known as "the calabash tree" and in many other countries.

Gourds have had numerous uses throughout history including as tools, musical instruments and objects of art.

Gourds are vessels created by nature. They are some of the first containers that primitive man utilized to hold water, grains, seeds and household items.

After harvesting, they take up to a year to cure and dry. While drying, they develop a natural mold which gives each gourd its beautiful color, texture and individuality. The gourds are prepared by cleaning the outside and the inside before dyes are applied.

Carving, painting, weaving, decorating with semi-precious stones, metals and fibers are many of the forms used to embellish the gourds.

Our gourds have been created among the subranges of the Appalachian Mountains located in western North Carolina.



Ghost Creek Gourds
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